What Is Cointify?

Cointify is a cryptocurrency platform that educates people on cryptocurrencies thereby improving and speeding up its acceptance rate in the world as a whole. Their method of achieving this is to first educate people about cryptocurrencies, what they are, what they can be used for and the so many benefits of having and using them before showing them how to start transacting with the currency.

To achieve this set goals of their, they plan to set up a cryptocurrency mining farm and provide their customers with the necessary infrastructure for the electronic currency.

Cointify Exchange, Mining & Trading Platform Plan

In December 2017, their prospect business was drawn. In this plan, they hope to start working on the prototype of Cointify by January of 2018 and by 1st of March the stage one will kick off. In that same March the development of the Cointify Exchange Beta will start in full force and by March 31st it will launch.

In April, the second stage of the process will be initiated and by May, they will increase their Cointify Market Capitalisation. In June, they will start the researching and analysis of their prospective coin farm and by the end of August, they will have their very own coin farm establishment.

October 2018, will see their stage three set in motion. In this year they would also work to increase their Coin Farm to its maximum capacity in the Q4 stage.

The Q1 of stage their of their master plan will be kicked-off in 2019. In this stage, the Q2 will consist of the Electronic Currency Infrastructure Development.

Cointify CTF Token ICO Details

With their strength which is the experience they have gathered in operating electronic currency platform, they are confident that they can make the Cointify one of the biggest and best cryptocurrency used in the exchange market.

They want to achieve their aim of developing an electronic currency infrastructure by using the Cointify as their accelerator and to achieve this aim they want to raise capital for the project by offering you Initial Coin Offering in exchange for the funding to make Cointify a reality and the world a better-educated place where people have a full understanding of cryptocurrency and transaction is faster without any obstacle.

Meet The CTF Token

The Cointify platform helps to circulate the CTF tokens which are driven by the Ethereum ERC20 needed to drive the whole Cointify ecosystem forward. These CTF tokens ensure that every holder receives about 30% of the Cointify revenue every month based on their individual stake. The holders can decide to sell their CTF token if they want for a quick profit as soon as the price hikes.

Benefits Of CTF

  • Lotheyr Prices
  • 30% reward with dividends
  • Discount on fees when you use CTF to pay for Transactions.
  • They will always preserve the value of the CTF.

Get Rewarded With Cointify

Cointify has developed a custom reward process whereby 70% each month’s profits will be distributed to their customer as dividend reward in other to further accelerate the acceptance of electronic currency among people. This reward structure benefits both the ICOs and its affiliate exchange platform.

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