CoinTour is a decentralized platform based on blockchain ethereum, aimed at the implementation of innovations in the tourism industry, not only for travellers but also for participants of the tourism industry. It also aims at providing a reliable payment platform for the tourism industry and reduces monopolization of the industry by other companies.

The platform’s main objective is solving some of the problems that are facing the tourism industry. The problems include:

  • High costs which are associated with the commissions charged by intermediary companies of tourism industry, which range from 10 -25%
  • Improper ways of protecting the clients information
  • Currency risks which occurs when the currencies of some countries depreciates
  • High commissions on international money transfers
  • Double marginalization of the travellers as the all the players in the tourism service industry seek to make maximum profits resulting in the tourism being an expensive hobby to undertake

Since the platform is based blockchain-based, transactions are decentralized, secure, and transparent. It also improves businesses with complicated business models.

About Cointour Platform

The platform will operate in a way similar to an Internet Reservation System for cars, hotels, and even tickets. It will contain thousands of advertisements from the entire world in different languages with a 24/7 online support always ready to help clients.

CoinTour seeks to provide small hotel owners, property owners, and hostel owners with a platform that will allow them to get reviews from travellers, which will enable them to get ratings according the criteria set by CoinTours. The platform will provide the users with the ability to book and make payments for the services using cryptocurrencies, which might lower the total cost of the prices by 10-15% due to the lack large fees and availability of bonuses and accumulation of point from the cryptocurrency.

Due to the versatility of the platform, users will be able to selects hotels or apartments, book train or air tickets or other various types of transportation that are up to their expectations.

CoinTour Tokens

The CoinTour token is based on the blockchain ethereum. After the end of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), the token will be used trade in worldwide cryprocurrency exchanges.

The total amounts of tokens available on offer are 100 million which will be trading at 1COT for 0.0000625 ETH during the presale at a bonus of 40%.

CoinTour Platform Benefits

Security: The platform uses cryptocurrency protection, which ensures that parties that are not involved in a particular transaction cannot access the client’s information.

Speed: As it’s based on the ethereum, clients will not have to wait for long periods in order for services to be confirmed. The duration a service takes to be confirmed is around 16 seconds.

Lower transaction fees: Compared to other methods of payment, the transaction fees such as bank and ATM withdrawal charges are eradicated or lower.

Mobility: CoinTours has a mobile application that makes usage of the platform flexibility and convenience. It is very easy to use.

Transparency: The platform uses smart contracts for the execution of contracts or agreements. This ensures that there is transparency in the provision of services

Reduced inflation: It protects it clients from inflation and therefore the clients won’t have to follow currency fluctuations

Reduced risk: The risk of losing money in currency exchanges is eliminated since payment is made through the platform.

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