CoinUs Wallet

What Is CoinUs?

CoinUs is a new start-up company that presents itself as a revolutionary hybrid method security encryption solution. According to the company, this integrated business platform is especially concerned and focused on the individual’s experience and it wants to create something that could be used as a human-to-blockchain interface.

The company promises a service that will be fast and secure, so you can use whenever you want to. The company basically wants to create a platform that will help people because it will allow them to use the blockchain technology easier. The company has developed many products and we will talk a bit about them in the review.

The CoinUs Wallet

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency wallet service, know that CoinUs Wallet is a product that was practically created for you. This wallet is optimized for the security and the ease of access of the user and has a multi-wallet system that lets you manage your cryptocurrency portfolio considerably better than you would do in a normal wallet. You can manage Bitcoin, ERC-20 altcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Quantum and others.

This device also has a software that you can use to recover data and private keys that you can use to protect yourself from thieves, as well as two-factor authentication. It shows you how much cryptos are worth in any part of the world, so you can always be informed.

CoinUs Human-To-Blockchain Business Platform Products

The CoinUs Keeper is a new device based on the OTP technology that was launched by the company. You can use it to safely protect your assets whenever your phone was lost or stolen. This product can increase your security and the user has the freedom to set different levels of protection to use this software, which can lead to an enhanced defense of the user’s money.

Another product of the company is One Pass System, which will be used as a token launcher. It provides options like ICO listings that are verified by the experts in the area and easy solutions for Know Your Customer processes. The company still has a P2P transaction platform that you can use to trade tokens.

The CoinUs Token ICO Details And Road Map

CoinUs had a pre-order phase of the sale that has already been finished, so, unfortunately, you cannot invest anymore at this time. The tokens will be used as a currency in the platform and to power its services. The total quantity of tokens that the company has created is 2 billion CoinUs tokens.

The money will be used on the development of the company and its main features. The CoinUs Keeper and ICO Rating System will be launched during Q3 2018 and there are already enhancements prepared for the next quarter of the year.

During 2019, the company w2ill launch an American branch and start to develop a new ecosystem called CoinVerse. The Testnet of CoinVerse will be launched soon after that and the second half of the year will see the launch of the company’s Mainnet and the P2P Exchange Gateway API.

Who Is Behind CoinUs?

Are you curious to know who is running this company? Jay Lee is both the founder and the CEO of CoinUs, along with Sean Oh, also founder and co-CEO. Alex Oh is the COO, Hoick lee is the CTO and Andrew Kim works as the Business Strategy Lead.

Other members are Jimin Chang (Tech Lead), Seunghee Jea (Management Lead), Carrie Wang (UI/UX Lead), Jax Kim (QA Lead), Giwung Eom (app developer), and Ilmoo Lee, Euikwon Yang, Boseup Jung and Jeongmin Kim, which are all tech specialists.

CoinUs Verdict

CoinUs does not seem like a bad company, but it does not look to be remarkable either. Also, it does not even have a sale open at this point. Because of this, unless you are really interested in some of the features or programs created by CoinUs, we would say that this company is definitely not one of the most solid choices in the market right now.

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