There is no doubt that the blockchain is a technology that could change the world. This technology could be as important as the agricultural revolution brought on by the farming technology. This revolution of agriculture made things such as hunting and gathering irrelevant.

With the blockchain, it can help to take the human civilization to the next level. For the first time in history, there is an opportunity for humanity to forge a new world that is not based on survival and drudgery.

Despite having powerful technology behind it, the success of crypto has remained limited by the lack of acceptance and adoption. Crypto is perceived and used mainly for speculation. This is in contrast to what it was meant to do; create a new economic set up to bring life-changing opportunities for all.

The Coinyspace Solution

Coinyspace is a platform that was created to make crypto, a technology that can help people earn decent wages and start businesses. It will also allow humanity to receive a better education, repay debt, and solve many other human issues.

To achieve its goals, Coinsyspace will combine two revolutionary technologies – social media and crypto. It will be the first platform to focus on the community building since we believe this foundation will lead to universal acceptance of the Bitcoin and other digital coins.

The platform has been designed to allow the sharing of ideas by merchants, developers, and people. It will also allow people to collaborate with each other and establish connections that will help crypto grow.

Coinyspace CNC Token ICO Details

  • Token: CNC
  • Pre-ICO Price: 1 CNC = 0.00002 ETH
  • Pre-ICO Date: May 23 – June 8
  • Main ICO Price: 1 CNC = 0.000035 ETH
  • Main ICO date: June 11 –July 31
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Bounty: Yes
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Currency Accepted: ETH
  • Soft cap: 50,000,000 CNC
  • Hard cap: 600,000,000 CNC
  • Country: Estonia
  • KYC: None
  • Restricted areas: USA

Any tokens that are not sold will be burned. The tokens that are put aside for the team will remain locked up for a year. Those who take part in the private pre-sale can buy up to 75 million tokens. There is a 40 percent discount and other benefits listed on the site.

The Coinyspace Crypto Community Project Final Goal

The main goal of this project is to ensure that crypto is universally accepted across the world. They have a mission to make this platform the go-to place for all users of crypto around the world. This will make Coinyspace the gateway through which newbies are initiated into the amazing world of crypto.

This product will be quite useful to those who already use crypto. It will help them find customers, investors, services, goods, jobs, and much more. This platform will be the place where when you need to get into crypto, you will visit.

The project was developed under the premise that crypto will become mainstream currencies. When this happens, Coinyspace will be at the center of it all. The Coinyspace token will introduce a token called CNC. It will be exchanged for advertising or other services offered on the Coinypspace Platform.

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