There is a recent trend of Cryptocurrency companies being wide in their approach by one company offering multiple services like Wallet support, Cloud mining, Cryptocurrency ATM cards, in-platform exchange service and so on.

Coinzai is also trying to cash in on this trend.

What Is Coinzai?

With the core focus on bringing Cryptocurrencies to the masses, Coinzai offers its clients a trusted, secure and easy way to acquire, hold and use Cryptocurrencies. It is a payment provider with an integrated cashback solution which is supported by a merchant marketing system. Principally they offer cryptocurrency owners an all-in-one solution; a prepaid debit card, a multiple cryptocurrency wallet and a payment processor.

Coinzai MyGoldBlocks POST Wallet Products

PoS Wallet/Mobile Mining:

Coinzai has developed the next generation of Mining, addressing the challenges of the future. Through their PoS wallet system, Coinzai offers customers a way to manage their coins, which adds value by holding foreign coins and staking. In doing so they have created a CRM system for the entire community. This wallet system can be downloaded on your smart phones as mobile application on iOS or Android.

Multi Cryptocoin Wallet:

Their multi cryptocoin wallet enables the users to purchase any cryptocoin of their choice and shop, trade as per their likings.

Integrated Shopping System:

Their wallet has an integrated shopping application which in turn has an integrated cashback system.

Coinzai Exchange:

They effectively have their own stock exchange with different peers. The exchange has an ICO ticker that lists the most recent ICOs. Purchased coins can be executed directly for mining.

Coinzai ATM:

Bitcoin ATM industry is relatively new but they are a very convenient cutting edge technology.

Credit Card:

Their wallet and credit card goes hand in hand making adding funds to your card or bank account easier.

Coinzai CZI ICO Details

Conzai coins(CZI) will be available for purchase from Feb 1st to March 7th 2018. It is a standard ERC20 token which has an exchange rate of 1 CZI for $1 USD. Total volume of tokens available is 33 million but out of that only 13 million will be used for the ICO. The tokens can be purchased in GoldBlocks(GB), Bitcoin(BTC), Bitcoin Cash(BCH) and Ethereum(ETH).

91% of the money generated by the ICO will be used in investment in their banking ecosystem and the oher 9% in research and development.

Coinzai Marketing Plan

They offer 7 levels of affiliate program which offers the customers to make extra money through their lending program and on top of which they get Binary Commission. You will earn a commission every time a referral lends COINZAI on a platform through Affiliate Link.

  • Direct Commission: A direct commission of 7/3/2/1/1/0.5/0.5 % is offered depending upon the package bought.
  • Binary Commission: Your benefits from the Binary Plan and the percentages depends on the position of your career plan. Career plans are categorized in 7 parts which are divided into Silver Executive, Gold Executive, Director Diamond, Blue Diamond, Black Diamond and Crown Ambassador. The commission you make varies between 4-12.5% depending on the plan you choose.

Coinzai Conclusion

Be a bit weary of Coinzai as there is little information about the founders or the team. Even their company’s history seems to not documented well enough on their website or anywhere online. Even their whitepaper looks to be made up by some amateur with only platitudes nd broad ideas being covered, without mentioning how they are going to achieve their goals in details. Find out more about Coinzoi and their ICO on

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