ColdCard Wallet Customizable Anti-Tampering Bags & Hardware Storage

Cold Card wallet is a cost-effective ultra-secure and open source digital wallet for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cold Card comes as a reliable storage device for crypto users, as the world needs an open, cheap, and super secure storage device.

What Is ColdCard Wallet?

The device is a bitcoin hardware wallet that is able to sign transactions. It is also possible to use it offline. Additionally, it operates on BIP39, which enables users to back up secret words on a separate location such as paper. Users can also use Cold Card on several sub-accounts and on unlimited payment addresses. What’s more, the device can understand transactions to enable users to see what they approve.

ColdCard Wallet Anti-Tampering Bags & Hardware Storage Features

No Specialized Software

Cold Card requires no specialized software. It simply resembles a hard drive, which means you can drag and drop files into it. You require no ‘escort app’ on your computer and it blends well with the existing wallets.


The device is affordable. The product comes in a simple packaging with no fancy box and unnecessary cables. The design is just plain.


The wallet is ultra-secure. It operates on a real crypto security chip, which ensures that your private key always remains in a dedicated security chip and not on the main micro’s flash.

Easy Backup

Cold Card provides easy backup. The micro SD card allows for backup and data storage. This enables users to perform offline signing. This is made possible by the transfer of unsigned or signed payments on sneakernet.


The wallet is decentralized and comes with a software design, which operates MicroPython. You can change it.

ColdCard Wallet ‘Secondary’ Wallet Feature

Manufacturers of Cold Card device provide a ‘secondary PIN code,’ which is optional. In unfortunate circumstances, you can choose to use the optional PIN code. By entering that PIN code instead of the ‘real’ PIN, the device shows nothing special on the screen while everything operates normally. However, that is not the main key because it displays a completely different wallet.

In order to utilize this feature effectively, you should have some cryptocurrency in the secondary wallet, which depends on how much you’re willing to lose just in case the worst happens. The secondary wallet still operates from the BIP39 words, so there is no need to back it up separately. All the same, it’s impossible to get the wallet back to the original wallet that contains your funds.

ColdCard Wallet Key Storage

It is strange that existing digital wallets simply trust the main microprocessor with their top secrets.

The Cold Card device uses a special microchip to store its critical master secret, which relates to BIP32 HD wallet. This chip is quite powerful and comes with an inbuilt true random number generator (TRNG). By combining these features with its careful protocol design, it is impossible for attackers to access the secret without knowing the PIN.

ColdCard Wallet Conclusion

Overall, the Cold Card device is still under construction and more details will be available when the whitepaper comes out. The manufacturers will then include the code so users can check whether they live up to their words.

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