The building of decentralized applications is a complicated process, and not all firms or individuals have the technical know-how on how to code the programs. Interestingly, the situation has led to a whole new career with more code developers focusing on learning and building decentralized applications. Unfortunately, not everybody interested can hire a code developer for their decentralized use. That is where the following platform comes in with a self-service solution for users to create, deploy and monitor their version of decentralized applications.

What Is Color Platform?

COLOR is a blockchain-based platform that targets to introduce an entirely revolutionary system where the user can develop easy-to-use decentralized applications based on the XML data standard. Rather than have to deal with the complexities of having to present the coding process yourself, COLOR will allow you to benchmark on other decentralized application models and utilize their design to come up with your version. The COLOR platform then puts the composition through a combination of W3C XML Standards, AutoXML technology and Ethereum-based smart contract to facilitate a viable use case for your application.

Color Platform dApps Development Blockchain Features

The features of the platform include:

    • Decentralization-as the most critical factor in DApp, decentralization allows for a record of operations and all transactions go into the public ledger.
    • Data standardization-the ability to create the decentralized applications works on a data standard (W3C XML) within the COLOR platform. The rule further allows data interoperability which is why the users can share data interchangeably.
    • Smart Contracts-the AutoXML technology will enable the end-users to establish agreements through an Auto Smart Contract.

Color Platform Benefits And Use Cases

Decentralized applications are significant disruptions within the blockchain world. Every app in the future is speaking on working on a similar structure. Therefore, COLOR is offering a gateway to create your DApp without too much hassle. Here are the potential impacts of DApps that as foreseeable in the future.

Additionally, there are potential use cases where COLOR apparently has use cases as listed below

  • As an A.I Personal assistant who will work to manage the decentralized applications and analyze data history into more learnable XML metadata
  • COLOR can work in the health sector by handling the data into structured and viewable details.

Can Color Ensure The Best Practices In The Creation Of DApp?

Although the platform promises to unleash the potential to create a decentralized software application, there are factors you should take notice when it comes to creating your own DApp. Some of the essential to watch out for include:

  • Autonomy of the entire use to ensure no entity control
  • The token generation must have a standard algorithm or criteria
  • The protocol employed should ensure adaptive capabilities to improvements and market feedback from the customers.

Color Platform Coin COL Token ICO Details

The Color platform will hold a TGE which is basically the same thing as an ICO for their COL Token. The TGE is scheduled for July 2018.

Color Platform Conclusion

There is quite a massive influx of DApp projects already in place, and there is a growing possibility that we will only get to see a more advanced level of DApp projects. For those in the state to establish a blockchain platform, COLOR is a specific platform to try out. The whole project looks viable and stable. The unfortunate part is that the concept is yet to materialize and for now most of the details and platform are however to be in place.

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