Someday, when the list of technological breakthroughs the revolutionized humanity is made, the internet will be on top of it . The global adoption of the internet as humanity’s primary mode of business and communication opened doors to new innovations including the use of TOR to anonymize data and data transfer and blockchain, the technology that gave birth to the money of the future.


Commado aims to integrate an obfuscation protocol on the TOR network, and this will add a layer of anonymity to peer-to-peer transactions. Commado users will be able transfer information and messages on a new content protocol with hidden identities signed with multiple signatures to make them untraceable.

How COMMADO Social & Auto Crypto Trading Works

At its bare bones, Commado is an anonymous digital asset that uses the OBFS8 public key to obfuscate message content for the TOR network. The system provides crypto exchange and trading tools that rely on artificial intelligence to for cryptocurrency transfers with its Commado-X application.

Using exceptional mathematical algorithms, the application’s artificial intelligence has made the Commado-X cryptocurrency the very first to come equipped with advanced social functions that can be accessed and used by all app users. The company claims that the algorithm and application took over 80 programmers over six months to integrate all the features of blockchain on the TOR platform.

Initial evaluations reveal that the artificial intelligence system that Commado-x uses is accurate up to 98 per cent of the time, making it a revolutionary bot to use in executing high speculative trades. At present, the app can support up to 5 different trades at a time and comes with features to personalize each of the trades with custom settings, alerts, and monitors.


  • Pre-ICO Start Date: 03/13/18
  • Pre-ICO End Date: 03/20/18
  • Main ICO Start Date: 03/21/18
  • Main ICO End Date: 04/21/18
  • Soft Cap: $250,000
  • Hard Cap: $1,000,000

COMMADO Benefits

Commado is on a mission to create a cryptocurrency of the future that relies on artificial intelligence and runs on blockchain on the dark web. Some may view this as a tremendous turning point in the history of crypto trading. Users who have downloaded and tried the Commado-X application for Android had mixed reviews regarding the efficiency of the app as a cryptocurrency trading platform.

With its one-time emission Commado coin (CMD), the Commado-x is a promising platform for beginner traders who are looking for a minimalist but effective trading app to explore and discover the cryptocurrency scene. While the app still has a thin user base, the better transaction speeds and seamless anonymity on the web that it promises makes it worth trying out.

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