Commodity Ad Network

Commodity Ad Network is an advertising network built around crypto tokens. Find out how this alternative ad network works today in our review.

What Is Commodity Ad Network?

Commodity Ad Network, found online at, is an advertising network built around digital tokens. The network is built by a Hong Kong-registered company.

The pre-sale for Commodity Ad Network, or CDX, began on August 26 and ended on August 31. The token sale and crowdsale are taking place throughout September and October.

The Commodity Ad Network ecosystem revolves around the CDX token. The company aims to create an ad network for “alternative media content creators who are systematically being de-funded by Google, Facebook, and other oligarchic structures.”

That ecosystem is designed to benefit the three main parties involved in any advertising network: content creators, advertisers, and website visitors.

What Problems Does Commodity Ad Network Seek To Solve?

Commodity Ad Network is catered to an industry they describe as “alternative content creators.” Today, certain content creators are being banned from conventional advertising networks for violating the terms of service of those advertising networks. Commodity Ad Network sees this as a problem. The network sees this as a way for private corporations – like Google or Facebook – to suppress certain points of view.

By suppressing these points of view, Google, Facebook, and other corporations are taking a way of life away from content creators:

“We believe that unless a profitable ad network is created now, which will enable content creators to earn a standard living, there will be no alternative content creators left in a year or two. And fake news will prevail,” explains Commodity Ad Network on the official website.

“Help us create a safe haven for alternative content creators who are under attack right now.”

Ultimately, Commodity Ad Network wants to create a safe haven for people like Alex Jones – who believes the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax and Obama was born in Kenya – and Stormfront – a white nationalist and white supremacy website that was recently forced offline. These groups are being removed from conventional advertising networks for violating the terms of service – you can’t incite violence and make money through Google AdSense, for example.

Commodity Ad Network sees this as a problem, and wants to ensure these types of groups can continue to earn a living (although to be fair, Commodity Ad Network never specifically mentions these groups as its target audience in its whitepaper; but it seems clear the types of content creators they’re talking about).

Who’s Behind Commodity Ad Network?

Commodity Ad Network is led by founder and CEO Peter Frohlich, CMO Steve St. Angelo, Ethereum Engineer Micha Roon, and Security Engineer Noellar Kappa.

You can contact the company by email at [email protected] The company is registered in Hong Kong.

You may recognize Steve St. Angelo from his SRSrocco Report. Described as an “independent researcher”, St. Angelo publishes financial information and predictions in his report. His financial articles can be found across the internet.

The idea for Commodity Ad Network first began in September 2015, with the first version of the network’s website going live in April 2016. Development of the network and the crypto-token took place throughout 2017. By November 2017, Commodity Ad Network hopes to have the first version of its custom software and web portal up and running, with advertising deals signed in December 2017.

The Commodity Ad Network Token Sale

The Commodity Ad Network pre-sale took place at the end of August. It ended on August 31. During the pre-sale, you could purchase 3,000 CDX for 1 ETH (including a 100% bonus offer). 90 million CDX was made available for purchase.

There’s no further information about the next CDX ICO. However, the advertising network encourages you to check this page for more information:

Benefits Of Commodity Ad Network

As mentioned above, Commodity Ad Network wants to give a voice to alternative views on the internet. With that in mind, the company plans to deliver benefits to content creators, advertisers, and website visitors.

Benefits For Website Visitors

Commodity Ad Network claims to offer 100% privacy “without compromises.” The whitepaper claims that the IP addresses, online behavior, and other similar information about visitors is safe with them. However, they also claim that they don’t collect or sell any metadata about visitors. Despite this claim, it appears advertisers will be able to target ads based on customer information to ensure “only highly relevant ads are displayed.”

Other benefits for website visitors include the fact that Commodity Ad Network doesn’t allow pop-up ads, ads with automatic sound, and other intrusive ads.

Benefits For Advertisers

Commodity Ad Network claims to provide “an extremely focused and targeted consumer base for niche advertisers” (even though the whitepaper also claims that they “don’t collect and/or sell” user information). Commodity Ad Network throws out the concept of a bidding or auction system – like the one used in conventional ad networks. In Commodity Ad Network, advertisers pay a flat fee for advertisement viewers, and they don’t pay per click. In other words, it’s a CPM model instead of a CPC model.

Benefits For Content Creators

Commodity Ad Network has an interesting incentive where the first 300 content creators who sign a binding agreement with the network will receive a signing bonus worth $1,000 USD paid in CDX. Each content creator who signs the agreement gets a 12 month contract with a guaranteed minimum monthly revenue, calculated on the basis of the website’s current traffic. That minimum should be at least twice as much as the website is receiving from its current ad partner.

Content creators will initially earn 50% of all incoming ad revenue that Commodity Ad Network receives from advertisers (the amount can be transparently verified via the Ethereum blockchain).

Commodity Ad Network Conclusion

Commodity Ad Network is an advertising network catered towards alternative news and alternative content creators. The creators of Commodity Ad Network believe these individuals are increasingly being suppressed by conventional advertising networks. These individuals violate the terms of service of Facebook, Google, and other ad networks, and then get banned. Commodity Ad Network wants to solve that problem by giving these individuals a voice away from this perceived corporate censorship.

The Commodity Ad Network pre-sale for CDX tokens took place at the end of August. Another token sale should be launched in the near future – like during September and October. The advertising network is expected to go live before the end of the year/start of 2018.

You can read more details about the project, including deep technical details about how it plans to be successful, by reading through the Commodity Ad Network whitepaper.

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