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Concentric, MakerDAO And Blockchain.com To Boost Coindirect Crypto Exchange Platform Globally

Coindirect Has Gone Ahead To Raise Funds To Help Grow The Crypto Exchange Service

Coindirect, which is one of the global-minded crypto platforms, has just gone ahead to announce that it has been able to raise about €1m. All this was done in an investment round that was led by Concentric, which is London based; they also had participation from MakerDAO and the Blockchain.com.

What To Know About The Coindirect?

The platform has been designed in a manner that it allows the different users on the platform to be able to sell and buy crypto coins with the use of the traditional fiat currency; this is either through their mobile devices or just on the desktop browser. The platform has been able to support about 40 different types of coins, one that has been considered to be the largest offering that you can find in Africa.

The Coindirect platform has been able to prove its offering within South Africa, where it has been able to acquire about 40,000 users on the platform. The company has ensured that their platform has been made readily available for both Android and iOS apps, it is readily available for download and you are able to use it anywhere around the globe.

But this is not all as the platform is able to cater for the data sensitive users, this is in the markets data costs are a little high, and the coverage can at times be a bit limited.

With the latest round of funding the company has been able to acquire, they are planning on expanding their services to Europe and across Africa. All this will be made possible with the supported partnerships they have gotten into with MakerDAO, Blockchain.com and several others who are to be announced in the next few months.

The company is particularly focused on ensuring they bring the crypto world to the emerging markets, especially those that are having a growing demand in exploring the alternative ways of banking; thus they are planning on engaging within money in these regions.

The Founders Of The Company

The company has about four founders, who have been able to bring diverse institutional and entrepreneurial experience to the platform. Jackson, Hemson-Struthers, and Haralambous have been able to build and sell several businesses in South Africa and the African market, in different industries; this is the likes of social networks, mobile technology plus the gaming industry.

As for Young, the other founder, he has a software and financial development background, and he has spent around nine years at the Allan Gray Asset Management. It is clear that all the founders have brought something to the table to ensure the success of the platform, plus the platform is genuinely tapping into a use case for the crypto coins to give different people the financial freedom.




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