The past few years have seen a rise in the popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Notably, the increase in blockchain events and conferences in 2018 is evidence of this. For blockchain enthusiasts, keeping yourself updated or on sorting for blockchain events near you may end up becoming a struggle.

Conference Coin ICO hopes to help blockchain interested individuals in finding the very best events, book a place to attend, interact with other participants irrespective of the size of blockchain event. To just put it, Conference Coin Is breaking up the barriers to participating in blockchain events to connect stakeholders of such activities through their platform.

About Coinco

Conference Coin platform's mission is to provide and facilitate and ease of access for blockchain enthusiasts looking for related events near where they are. The platform seeks to create a single structure where the conference participants can purchase tickets using Conference Coin, while the stakeholders can also provide for the event-related services through the platform.

These services may include covering the event's logistics such as the size of attendees to the primary goals of the conference inclusive of the possible presentations and proposals.

Blockchain CoinCo Conference Market Platform Features

Services And Information

Relevant stakeholders have the option to offer a wide range of conference-related services and information through the platform to the participants.

Price Adjustments

Service providers using the CoinCo platform is also open to adjusting the price of their services within the conferences. The providers can appropriately increase or decrease the service charges in Conference Coin amount payable depending on the individuals' needs.


Registration for events through CoinCo will only need to happen once, as the platform's system saves the individual's details for future registration in other activities.


Thanks to blockchain technology, CoinCo will facilitate all operations in a decentralized manner compared to the traditional payment methods.


CoinCo platform will also work to connect interested blockchain individuals through the user-friendly communication tools available to stimulate interactions.

ConferenceCoin Token & ICO Details

Conference Coin is the platform's utility coin set for use in supporting transactions that connect the blockchain conferences market. While it works as a currency, the Conference Coin token will enable the purchase of admission to the international conferences. The token will provide for the following types of tickets:

  1. Standard ticket- tickets to meetings and networking sessions
  2. Silver- tickets to conferences, networking sessions, and meetings with speakers
  3. Gold- admission to the discussions, networking sessions, speaker meet-up and meetings with investors.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • ICO Date: 16/07/2018 – 08/08/2018 Discount- 35%
  • Ticker- CC
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Type- Utility
  • Model- ERC-20
  • Token supply- 150,000,000
  • Price- 0.000023 ETH (1 € Cent)
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Hard cap- €1,000,000

Token Allocation

  • Public sale- 75%
  • Team and Founders- 25%

Public Sale Distribution

  • Direct sale- 65%
  • Bounty- 6%
  • Airdrop– 4%

CoinCo Conclusion

Potentially, Conference Coin is bordering on an entirely new space for the cryptocurrency. The idea seems rather simple, but the question lies in whether Conference Coin could experience any success. Much of this relies on the activeness of the relevant participants to take the initiative to use the platform. If that happens, then Conference Coin could become the next method to purchase tickets for a local blockchain event at your place.

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