Congressional Candidate Attacked by Anti-Bitcoin Ad Because He Accepts Cryptocurrency Donations

Cryptocurrencies have been used as a way to raise funds for ICOs, companies and several NGOs. But some politicians have also decided to start accepting Bitcoin as donations. This is the case of Brian Forde, a senior advisor to the Obama administration and who is now accepting Bitcoin donations.

Brian Forde Attacked By Anti-Bitcoin Ad

Even when virtual currencies spread all over the world and an important part of the population is aware of what they are, they are still viewed as a tool for criminals to buy or sell drugs, guns and other illegal items. Moreover, regulatory agencies do not know whether to classify them as securities, property or commodities.

This regulatory uncertainty, has reached Brian Forde, which is a California Democrat that runs for the US House of Representatives and that accepts Bitcoin as donations for his political campaign. Additionally, Mr. Forde was a senior advisor to the Obama administration on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Back in 2014, the Federal Election Commission explained that it was okay to receive Bitcoin as donations for political action committees. But it does not seem to matter for Dave Min, a democrat that is fighting for the same congressional seat. As soon as he realized that Mr. Forde was accepting Bitcoin, he used that and created an attack ad.

According to reports from Motherboard, ‘Forde’s face is superimposed over some footage of a stereotypical hacker typing on screens of streaming green code.’

Mr. Fold Told Motherboard:

“Thee comments about my supporters are sensationalists, wildly inaccurate, and in line with my opponent’s lack of understanding of technology. If they were speculating they wouldn't have donated to my campaign in Bitcoin. They didn’t HODL, they donated to my campaign in Bitcoin because they believe in the technology.”

During the ad, a woman says that Brian Forde’s donors are ‘Bitcoin speculators hat oppose cracking down on drug deals and human trafficking. Additionally, Forde explained that he started accepting Bitcoin because Nicholas Negroponte, co-founder of the Mit Media Lab, would only donate to the political campaign in Bitcoin.

There is a wide misunderstanding about how this new technology works and this is why Dave Min is running for office, said Forde. Furthermore, he explained that the ad disparages a technology that is being used in different countries to address human trafficking.

“We need more rational scientists and technologists in congress armed with evidence-based policymaking, not politicians making irrational decisions based on their emotions,”

He finished.

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