The average job marketplace or database has some unique problems that makes them somewhat difficult to use. Some of them have the problems minimized, others not so much.

One of the major challenges faced by traditional job sites is that of data vulnerability and relatively lax security. As a result, many of these websites are vulnerable to hack attacks and minimized privacy.

Conn3x3 hopes to change this and essentially become the world’s leading job site. Their goal is to provide a job platform that keeps applicants and users anonymous and their data safe, whilst still allowing them access to the best fit opportunities.

What Is Conn3x Blockchain Job Marketplace?

Conn3x claims that it can help automatically match job applicants and recruiters based on its algorithms and the artificial intelligence that powers the platform.

With claims of an artificial intelligence module that’s as versatile and advanced as Alexa and Siri, this platform hopes to deploy its solution through the blockchain technology.

So, if all things work out as planned, users should be able to eliminate all the problems commonly found in traditional job platforms. To help make this a reality, the company has launched its first round of token presale, soon to be followed by its initial coin offering (ICO).

Conn3x C3X ICO Details

The quest to create smart job solutions solely lies on the ability of the platform to actually deliver on its promise. To do this, the company is currently on the verge of launching its C3X tokens in its initial coin offering on the 27th of March, 2018.

Investors who got in on the pre-ICO stage got each token for 7 cents. During the ICO, investors will be able to get the tokens between the prices of 10 cents to $1 USD per C3X token. This largely depends on how early you get in.

For instance, those who buy in at between 30,000,000 and 40,000,000, will get it at 10 cents each. It will go up in increments of 10 cents per token for every 10 million units sold up to the 100 millionth sale.

The amount of tokens available for sale during the ICO is 100,000,000. Once the ICO is done, the coin will then be listed on the various cryptocurrency exchanges. This is slated to happen between April and May, 2018.

Is Conn3x Worth Your Investment?

Investing in cryptocurrencies has become pretty popular. Most of the dud or scam coins really have no legitimate use case or solve a major problem. C3X looks like one of those.

There’s no doubt that the company’s founders’ intentions are good, but we have a few issues with the coin. First, even though the idea sounds good, there’s no clear explanation about how they intend to solve the purported problem.

Secondly, the website looks like a hastily thrown up site. There’s no concrete information on team members who are supposedly leading this project. This coin currently sets off lots of red flags for us.

Even if their intentions are true and they have a valid product, we would rather wait until the red flags are eliminated and our fears are allayed before we’ll invest in this platform.


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