Connamara And Bitfinex Partner For FIX Digital Asset Gateway

The cryptocurrency market is especially exciting when large-scale companies partner to bring even better and greater things to the industry. In this case, Bitfinex, a top digital asset-trading exchange and Connamara, a provider that matches engine technology for startups and new exchanges are now working together to bring a new digital asset gateway called FIX. This gateway is poised to bring the industry new and unique features that can help individuals who are looking to enter the digital asset markets.

Reports indicate that the gateway will be open-source, high-performance, and robust in its delivery of features. Accordingly, the liquidity for brokers, institutions, and professional traders may improve as well. Keep in mind that the FIX concept is nothing new – it was initially developed in the early 1990s and since, it has been an industry standard electronic communications protocol. The system was initially designed to facilitate data transfer between financial institutions. Now, in terms of the crypto market, it is designed to enhance liquidity through Connamara’s and Bitfinex’s efforts.

As a representative for Connamara explains:

“It has been a pleasure to work with Bitfinex on this project. They have been a pioneering firm in the digital asset markets since 2012 and it is exciting to collaborate with them as they lead the way in the adoption of the FIX protocol for their rapidly growing industry.”

To learn more about this system, more information may be available on each platform’s website.


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