Connect Social will develop and deploy a world class social media application according to the Ethereum blockchain. This stage will rival current social media standards by producing a decentralised system for consumers while maintaining full transparency during growth and beyond.

Users data will be encrypted hence not used for targeting advertising or 3rd party advertising changing the whole business version of abusing users data for corporation profit. Individuals can create a private and company social profile using an online encrypted wallet attached that enables transfer of digital money fee-free & immediately from 1 user to another.

About Connect Social

Connect is combining the sphere of social media with the emerging technologies of blockchain creating a dedicated platform for individuals, influencers and large businesses. Users will probably be rewarded for the material they post i.e. compensated for every upvote. Additionally Connect will incorporate an encrypted messenger service and market where you can buy, sell and exchange goods together with services with connect tokens – encoded & untraceable.

The Social Blockchain – Where Users Come First

Social media is now the fastest growing business in the world. The vast majority of gain in this industry revolves round targeted advertising. Platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram allow advertisers to directly target users according to data gathered by the platform.

A huge criticism over the current social networking system is that the ever decreasing interaction rates between Influencers and their handbuilt followings.

Influencers will be the fastest growing marketing demographic across social media platforms – They ought to be rewarded for producing content that is appealing and bringing new users to a stage.

The Link Social App won't limit any customers with interaction proportions. An individual's entire following will be exhibited content posts since they are posted. I.E – An Influencer using 10,000 Followers on Connect will have the ability to post content to their entire 10,000 Followers without a 10% levied interaction limitation.

Connect Social Business Opportunity

Social Media influencing is a fast growing industry. It alone produced over $1.2 Billion in revenue as an industry during the previous year.

Currently there isn't any dedicated platform or support which directly benefits both the influencer and influencee, and is easily accessible for companies.

This type of system would need: transparency involving the company and influencer, plausibly deniable encryption and confirmation of transactions. This usually means that the trade or data is near impossible to replicate, but simple to prove accurate, so long as both parties permit it. Connect aims for a platform that offers an easier method for influencers to market their content than ever before, and enables businesses to get a pull based promotion system.

In addition to paid rewards for content production, social networking influencers are going to have the ability to market their content based on paid advertising via companies. The difference from conventional advertising methods is that the end user is in control of what they see. Influencers and company have to be quite careful of what they post as to keep their user base engaged, as advertisements won't be pushed to the users.

In an environment like this, inherently excellent content will bring the maximum attention, resulting in higher premiums, a greater influence and earnings for businesses. The end user does not like being force fed advertising, and this system disables that, requiring a more creative spin on advertisements.


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