ConnectJob, found online at, is a universal platform that helps connect employers with job-seekers in a fast and secure way. Here’s our review.

What Is ConnectJob?

ConnectJob is a multi-featured application that aims to connect employers with service providers in a fast and secure way. With ConnectJob, “employers” are anyone willing to pay for a certain service or task, while “service providers” are anyone willing to compete that task – like a neighbor who has a few hours of spare time and wants to make some extra cash.

The platform is designed to cater to the “uberization of everything” in our society, along with the growing gig economy. Today, a growing number of people are self-employed contractors – and this number is expected to continue growing over the coming decades.

With that in mind, ConnectJob aims to decentralize services using blockchain technology. It allows users to manage assets directly without needing to trust a third party.

The platform will be built on the Ethereum blockchain. The mission of the platform is to “reinvent the labor market” and “become a worldwide leader in its market by developing a decentralized platform for all jobbers and users based on the blockchain technologies,” explains the whitepaper.

ConnectJob is already available on the app store for iOS and Android. You can use the app today to instantly find someone near you willing to perform a service in exchange for money. Or, you can post your offer through the app.

How Does ConnectJob Work?

The basic role of ConnectJob is to connect contractors – called “jobbers” – with employers over a blockchain-based platform. ConnectJob will certify and approve each jobber for their specific title. The company wants to create a platform where employers can hire the best jobbers, and where they know they’re getting quality work with every task.

The platform revolves around the use of the ConnectJob token, or CJT. It’s a utility token that can be used as payment for all services. In addition, the ConnectJob Token will build trust between service users and service providers from different sectors.

Using the future identity management systems currently available to blockchain, (like uPort and Civic), the jobber system will allow the creation of trust on individual profiles, giving the network a database of qualified and available people.

ConnectJob uses smart contracts to facilitate transactions.

In the first phase, the main objective is to create a community around ConnectJob, along with a new way to exchange value for users and jobbers through CJT tokens. Participants will interact with each other through the ConnectJob blockchain environment.

Benefits Of ConnectJob

ConnectJob aims to offer all of the following benefits to the gig economy:

  • Low Cost Processes: Decentralized blockchain platforms like ConnectJob eliminate the middlemen and intermediaries, which means lower costs across the board.
  • Create and Transfer Digital Assets: ConnectJob’s blockchain-based platform makes it easy to create and transfer digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and tokens, in a frictionless environment.
  • Data Immutability: All transactions are policed by every member of the network, and those transactions can be verified by checking the ConnectJob blockchain.
  • Security: No single actor can change the blockchain, and all blockchain data is verified by a large network of participants.

ConnectJob Features

ConnectJob aims to offer all of the following features:

  • Security of transactions will be improved using smart contracts as escrow accounts
  • ConnectJob will use the blockchain to reduce transaction costs between participants, which will have an impact on the price of the service for the user
  • ConnectJob users will be able to use existing blockchain assets like Ether (ETH) or bitcoin (BTC) to charge their ConnectJob accounts and exchange them for CJT tokens directly within the platform
  • Using the blockchain-based public registry, ConnectJob will provide its most faithful clients and supporters with bonuses, gifts, and other perks based on the number of CJT tokens they hold
  • A reputation system, where each “jobber’s” reputation follows them across the platform

Jobbers will be able to use their hard-earned ConnectJob reputation as a proof of reliability on other platforms, which means they don’t need to build their reputation from the ground up

CJT tokens will be freely transferable with other cryptocurrencies

The ConnectJob ICO

The ConnectJob ICO will take place in two steps, including a pre-sale and an ICO. There’s a total supply of 1,692,000,000 tokens, with 1,100,000,000 tokens available during the pre-sale and ICO combined. The remaining supply is reserved for the team, advisors, partners, and ConnectJob community.

The ConnectJob pre-sale is taking place from December 1 to December 20, 2017. During the pre-sale, the tokens are set at a price of 1 ETH = 2400 CJT. You’ll need to purchase a minimum of 24,000 CJT (10 ETH) to participate in the pre-sale. 300 million tokens are being distributed during the pre-sale.

The ICO, meanwhile, is expected to take place in January or February 2018 (a specific date has not yet been announced).

Who’s Behind ConnectJob?

ConnectJob is led by Jonathan Gueron (Co-Founder and CTO), Yoni Assouline (Founder and CEO), Tamir Ruvinov (COO), David Persiko (CSO), Nechemya Kanelsky (CPO), Beni Issembert (CMO), and Irina Tonkonogaya (CFO).

The team is based in Ukraine. In Q3 2017, the company tested their ConnectJob app in Odesa “with dozens of jobbers”, according to the official website.

ConnectJob Conclusion

ConnectJob is a job-finding platform that allows users to connect with service providers – called “jobbers” – through a blockchain-based environment. The platform is currently available in the form of an iOS or Android app.

The ConnectJob ICO begins with a pre-sale from December 1 to December 20. You can purchase CJT tokens during the pre-sale.

To learn more about ConnectJob, visit online today at

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