Connecty ICO (CTY Token): Blockchain Knowledge Research Exchange? Review: Making Innovation Possible through Knowledge Sharing

Most of the developments across the histories of human civilizations have been done under the influence of knowledge and innovations. Today, humanity and the world is on the verge of making a significant transition just like it was in the industrial era, thanks to advances in life sciences and information technology. is geared towards making this next considerable change occurs ethically with great respect for both the environment and the population that will be affected by these changes.


The notion behind is that a tiny number of people is currently managing most of the critical knowledge that would likely be beneficial to the largest number of people. can be likened to Quora, but it does so much more since it anonymizes, monetizes and also professionalizes this knowledge exchange that later translates into innovations.

All information exchanges between experts are one anonymously, and creators can also monetize their efforts. Also, the contractual relations conducted on the system will be managed via smart contracts to simplify and streamline the entire process.

What Proposes? is a product of Blue Horizon SAS, and it is the platform where professionals meet and share knowledge. It is an inviting place where all participants in the supply chain of innovation, from R&D teams to entrepreneurs, can interact in a circular international knowledge economy. , and it will allow the following key actions:

Diverse database: It will have all the best innovators and knowledge creators

Robust platform: will offer efficient, agile and fast customized services to enable seamless interaction between stakeholders.

High-quality search engine: will facilitate better access to expert knowledge through its convenient search engine.

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