ConsenSys Community Day: Focusing On Growth And Future Endeavors On The Ethereum Blockchain

The ConsenSys Tel Aviv Community Day is an event that was held May 28th, 2018, between 1 and 8 PM in Israel to promote Ethereum Development.

Several blockchain specialists are said to have taken the stand today like Joe Lubin, the Founder of ConsenSys and Co-founder of Ethereum, Kavita Gupta, Founder of ConsenSys Ventures, Vanessa Grellet, Executive Director of ConsenSys, Christian Crowley of Alethio, Eleazar Galano, representative of Infura and many more.

The event was not merely in place to discuss Ethereum projects, but to create a platform in which invited individuals have the opportunity to pitch a blockchain startup. In particular, this aspect of the event was titled, ‘blockchain for social impact’ and was introduced by Grellet, who also gave examples of real-life, devasting events that took place and suggested the potential use of blockchain technology to help in such cases.

The first to give a speech was allegedly Crowley of Alethio, a platform that focuses on providing transparent analytics on Ethereum that users can make sense of. Crowley went very analytical in his speech as he discussed the statistics of the Ethereum blockchain.

More specifically, he said that over:

“700 tokens were launched on the Ethereum Network in 2017, and more that 1090 dApps are either present or making an entrance in the future.” He also mentioned the number of potential users that have joined the network as well as the millions of transactions processed daily.

Following Crowley’s presentation, a product pitch from Infura commenced. Infura is another platform that focuses on the Ethereum Network, as it provides easy-to-use API and developer tools to gain its access. Several dApps are said to have benefited from Infura, like uPort and Cryptocurrencies which rely on Infura to get to Ethereum

Based on the claims made by Galano, Infura has a high user base of 24,000, resulting in 8 million requests a day. He also went over Infura’s specs and how it can be used by teams of varying sizes and at the end, encouraged those invited to the event to sign up.

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