ConsenSys Report Shows Ethereum Blockchain Over 240 Million Transactions To Date

A recent report that was released by ConsenSys lists several achievements reached by the Ethereum Network. In particular, the report takes a closer look at Ethereum’s past, current and future endeavors to give a complete statistical analysis.

The report starts off by stating that the network, “Has processed nearly 240 million transactions”, with 1.3 million on January 4th alone. To show off the largeness and its overall reach, the report states that, “to date 35 million unique addresses exist on Ethereum blockchain.”

Another facet that makes the Ethereum blockchain attractive is the number of tokens that have been ERC20 backed. Namely, “Of the top 800 tokens, 87% are built on Ethereum – most are “ERC-20” tokens.”

When considering the Ethereum team or community, many believe it to be the largest to date, especially given the fact that 250,000 engineers have joined to make this platform viable. The number of downloads has evidently “surpassed 200,000”. A year from then it has increased to a total of 550,000.

Other facts that depict Ethereum’s growth include:

  • A Potential Brazil and Canada adoption of Ethereum for voting and securing citizens
  • Switzerland’s digital IDs which are Ethereum-backed
  • Chile’s utilization of Ethereum to increase traceability in the energy and finance sectors
  • Dubai to project a blockchain-powered city by 2020
  • Ethereum’s Decentralized Applications (dApps) – with over 1550 launched

These are just a fraction of what the report has to offer, check out more at:

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