Cryptocurrencies are continually disrupting every industry, and ConsultEth has taken up the initiative to go with the trend and get their rightful share of the pie. The project It’s an Ethereum-based application that utilizes WebRTC (peer to peer audio and video technology) and Smart-Contract Technology, enabling a real-time consulting platform that’s fully decentralized.

ConsulTX Coin Pre ICO sale

In order to power the idea and make it a reality, ConsultEth has been listed in several ICO listing sites, looking to reach potential investors and sell a number of ConsulTX (CTX) tokens. The pre-ICO sale starts from November 18 running through December 9.

CTX tokens will be compatible with all wallets that are Ethereum based including MyEtherwallet, Parity, Jaxx Wallet, Ethereum Wallet, and MetaMask.

Here’s a breakdown of the CTX token figures:

  • Tokens on Sale(Pre-ICO) – 30,000,000 CTX
  • Current Supply – 14,000,000 CTX
  • Foundation Pre-Mine – 14,000,000 CTX
  • ConsulTX Cap– 94,000,000 CTX

The noticeable 50,000,000 CTX missing from the figures are reserved for issuance during the ICO period, and the company will communicate the exact date later (early 2018).

ConsulTX Ethereum Exchange Rate

According to ConsultEth, once the pre-ICO sale begins, investors that buy the CTX token during the first week will get a cool 1000 CTX for every 1 Eth. However, this will change in the coming weeks. Investors buying tokens during the weeks 2 and 3 will get 850 CTX for every 1 ETH.

Facts about ConsultEth

Simply put, ConsultEth offers a real-time consulting marketplace, allowing clients and consultants to engage freely courtesy of decentralized technology. Here’s how users will benefit:


  • Enjoy Blockchain security
  • Have a global client base
  • Minimal capital when creating a firm
  • Zero regulatory interface
  • Impressive workspace efficiency
  • Enhanced flexibility


  • Lower consultation fees compared to the traditional model
  • Interact with consultancy firms on a global perspective
  • Enjoy timely on-demand consultation
  • Secure and convenient online consultations

Future of ConsultEth

Just like most industries out there, the industry of consultancy is in indeed in the verge of disruption. ConsultEth realizes the need to have a fully decentralized platform that allows consultants and clients to engage in real-time, giving both parties an opportunity to enjoy the huge benefits that come with Blockchain technology.

With the launch of ConsulTX, there’s no doubt that the coin will power consultancy practice in the near future, attracting millions of consultants and clients. Thanks to an able team comprising of developers, marketers, industry experts and advisors, ConsultEth will likely deploy next-generation of Ethereum-based consulting platform and disrupt the industry’s traditional model.

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  1. As a professional consultant I’ve gone through consulting platform but this one so far seems the most impressive. Looking forward to test the platform and the ICO. Seems like a worthy investment

    • Hi Russel,
      It’s indeed a unique idea especially in the consultancy field. I’ve gone through the site and although it’s still under development I think it’s something that will indeed have an impact in the consultancy industry. Not sure when the ICO will be held but I’m looking forward to also invest


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