ContentBox is a blockchain-based ecosystem developed specifically for the digital content industry. The platform intends to disrupt the digital contents sector by introducing innovative features such as a shared content pool, a shared user pool and a universal payment system. Furthermore, the ContentBox platform will be independent and decentralized, unlike conventional digital platforms. Therefore, ContentBox assists web and mobile apps to distribute digital content efficiently, affordably and transparently.

About ContentBox

In the last ten years, the digital content industry has been on an upwards spiral. Platforms such as YouTube and Spotify have gained popularity among internet users, to an extent that they are indispensable part of the contemporary daily lives. Currently, audio and video streaming make up a whopping 70% of internet data traffic. Nonetheless, the success of this industry is still inhibited by some issues, such as:

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Difficulty in Monetization

Presently, content creators face challenges in monetizing their proprietary creations. Popular platforms such as YouTube and Facebook are preferred by most creators, though only a small portion end up receiving compensation for publishing digital content. For creators that get reimbursements, these returns are often slashed by the numerous intermediaries within the sector. Contrariwise, these platforms earn lots of money from advertisements.

Non-compensation for Content Consumers

Despite contributing to valuable activities within content sharing platforms, consumers rarely get compensation. Activities such as voting, liking and flagging are useful in discerning the quality of content, yet they are seldom rewarded. Other platforms such as YouTube inadvertently exploit viewers by allowing them to share popular videos, thus attracting more traffic to the site.

Aggressive Competition

The market experiences fierce competition because key user information is secured by a few stakeholders. As a result, platforms often have to bid at exorbitant rates to get a hold of this crucial information. This culture locks out upcoming startups which usually do not have the same financial muscle as the established corporate giants.

The Solution

ContentBox will introduce a blockchain-based platform to provide a solution for the aforementioned issues. Due to its inalterability, blockchain technology will ensure transparency between all players in the digital content industry. The establishment of peer-to-peer connections will reduce the costs of transaction by eliminating intermediaries. Moreover, distributed ledger technology enhances the safety of transactions involving money.

Additionally, all deals will be governed by self-executing smart contracts. This will ensure that no disputes arise during the sale of digital content.

The BOX Token

BOX is the native cryptocurrency of the ContentBox platform, and is designed to be used exclusively within the ContentBox ecosystem. It is an ERC20 compliant token built within the Ethereum blockchain.

Token Distribution

The minted BOX tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 25% – presale
  • 15% – team
  • 30% – ecosystem
  • 20% – foundation
  • 10% – partnership

Distribution of Funds

The proceeds of the ContentBox ICO will be shared out as follows:

  • 50% – research and development
  • 25% – marketing and promotion
  • 15% – legal, auditing and compliance
  • 10% – general and administrative


As of now, ContentBox has already created Android and iOS mobile applications. Plans are underway to further develop the ecosystem by introducing a payout system.

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