The digital content industry has a wide array of problems with transparency, hype, and centralization. This makes it difficult for creators to deliver and receive actual value to users and rightful revenue from platforms that distribute the content. However, the blockchain is providing solutions to combat these problems.

The Current Issues Contentos Seeks To Solve

The digital content sector is unaccountable and opaque. Ownership of the digital content has long been difficult to verify. This makes transactions complex and due to the arcane copyright transfer procedures, creates unnecessary copyright issues.

Another issue in this industry is that it is platform-centric. The creators earn less from their work than platforms such as Tidal and YouTube. Worst of all, these platforms can change the revenue-sharing model at will. Since these platforms direct the user content experience using algorithms, this can lead to digital echo chambers, limiting visibility of content.

The Contentos Decentralized Blockchain For Digital Content Solution

Just like the recording industry where record studios own the artists’ recording rights, the digital content sector ensures that platforms keep most of the revenue. The solution to this issue is to decentralize copyright, proof of ownership, pricing, and revenue sharing for digital content.

The technology that is best suited to do this is the blockchain. This is a trustless, decentralized, and immutable digital ledger that enables the use of smart contracts. The blockchain will open up more autonomy and revenue to creators. Consequently, it will help to improve the working conditions of the industry. Besides that, it will lead to the creation of standards and expectation for the creators and platforms.

The time is ripe for decentralization on a global scale for the digital content. As a result, this will enable its free production, authentication of copyright, distribution, and trade in an open manner. The result will be creators being able to retain rights to their work and benefit from its value.

The Current Market

In 2016, global revenue from digital content advertising hit $5000 billion. There were over 1.7 billion live streaming app users, with 17% of the revenue coming from China. There was growth in mobile video viewership. Mobile viewership accounted for 55% of total viewership in 2015. By 2020, mobile viewership will account for 75 percent of all video consumption.

Contentos Blockchain Use Cases

The blockchain could provide many benefits for the mobile digital content sector. The blockchain’s key traits of transparency and disintermediation are welcome. This technology will enable copyright verification and disable track infringement with the help of timestamps on the blockchain.

This technology would also decentralize income distribution between users and creators, leading to the elimination of intermediaries. This will let users and creators transact with each other with no major fees lost to middlemen.

Contentos COS Token ICO Details

Contentos isn't having and ICO for their COS token. Instead they will be holding a private equity round before going to the exchange.

  • Token Symbol: COS
  • Total Supply: 10 billion
  • Token Standard: ERC20

Contentos Conclusion

Contentos plans to leverage on the power of the blockchain to power its platform. Content can be freely produced and distributed anywhere in the world. It will be a shared ecosystem between users and creators, with value distribution being via the blockchain. The platform has already partnered with industry leaders such as PhotoGrid and Cheez to transform the mobile content sector.

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