Conterium is a new company which intends to be a digital marketplace for all internet users. The company is currently having a sale, so we decided to review it.

The Conterium CNM ICO Details

Conterium is currently having its private sale of CNM tokens. The tokens have a discount of 30% right now, being sold at $0.01 USD each (the normal price is 3 cents each). The soft cap of this phase if 5,000,000 USD and both ETH and BTC are accepted as means of payment.

The main sale will be launched on July. The main sale will have three distinct phases and the price will be higher in each one of them. The prediction is that the sales will be finished in November. Tokens will be transferable two afters after the main sale and registered on trading platforms (Cryptopia, Okex, Bitfinex, GDAX and KuCoin) after three months.

While most of the tokens (60%) will be sold in the ICO, 10% will be available for sale later, 12% will go to the team, 5% will be bounty rewards and 3% will go to advisors;

How Conterium Digital Cryptocurrency Marketplace Works

This company perceived a problem in the e-commerce industry. In fact, it perceived many of them. Many platforms do not have multilingual customer support, they have to compete with global corporations have high fees, no privacy and lack of guarantees.

Because of these issues, the company decided to create a platform for e-commerce that would have all the tools necessary to create multilingual support, advertise your business, have low fees and access to international markets while you keep your business transparent.

This culminates in the construction of an ecosystem that was created to let people have all their convenience while they use the international e-commerce markets. Conterium offers its own crypto wallet, a good marketplace, safe shopping, affiliate products and a sense of community.

The company states that it has advantages for both developers and investors. Developers would have their products offered in a large global community, could expand their markets, use smart contracts and have the facilities of a smart platform.

Investors, on the other hand, would have valuable tokens and get a share of the money the company makes. This means that the holders of the tokens would have a lot more advantages than only holding the tokens to sell higher later.

The Conterium Team And Partners

This company has as its founder and CEO Alex Yang, with Altair Sauf as a co-founder and Chaung Wang as founder and CTO. Other important members are Luke Ponomarev (co-CTO), Albert Lei Sun (CMO), Sandra Bohm (CS Director), Granit Siranko (product development) and Rodrigo Lima Santos (project director).

The advisors of the company are Felix Olekov, George Gree Barre, Timo Angelo Cabarez, Kevin Lucas Darmian, Lily Liu Lin, Joseph Escobar, Dimitri Olegurov and Franc Lin Mi.

Conterium’s main partners are ICO Tracker, Bestcoins, Coinhills. ICOHolder, The Tokener, Crypto Slate, Ico Map, List ICO, Foundico, Altcoin Alerts, ICO Quest, ICO Coin List, ICO Listview, ICO Crunch, CoinGecko,, ICO Place, ICO Watch List and Foxico.

Conterium Verdict

Unfortunately, Conterium, while it seems to have a spark of potential, is not really the most original company. Because of this, it does not have a lot of chances of faring well in the market and, while it can be a chance for investors, seems like it will not likely become one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world.

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