Control Finance

Control Finance is a financial service provider that promises to help its clients earn money by capitalizing on the volatility of cryptocurrency markets. Here’s our Control Finance review.

What is Control Finance?

Control Finance, found online at, is an investment platform that purportedly manages over $56 million for 31,500+ clients. The company promises to help clients make money through cryptocurrency investments.

Once you sign up for Control Finance, however, you’ll realize that it’s not really an investment company at all: it’s a pyramid scheme where you recruit people beneath you, then earn money through their joining fee.

Control Finance has a 7 tier affiliate structure.

In terms of “investment”, Control Finance also has some type of guaranteed profit system, where you can earn guaranteed profits of 1.10% to 3% per day. That’s a 30% to 90%+ guaranteed ROI every month.

Obviously, when someone is talking about an investment with a guaranteed 90%+ ROI every month, you should be incredibly wary – especially with all the scams going around the cryptocurrency world at the moment. Let’s take a closer look at how Control Finance works to determine whether or not we’re dealing with a scam.

How Does Control Finance Work?

Control Finance essentially gives you two ways to make money. Before you can make any money with the company, you first need to give the company money. You give the company a minimum investment of $10. Right away, you’ll start to earn interest on your account.

If you have less than $300 in your account, then you’ll receive a guaranteed ROI of 1.10% per day. That interest rate bumps up to 1.25% on amounts over $1,000 and 1.40% on amounts over $4.500. If you hold over $10,000 in your Control Finance account, then you’ll earn a profit of 1.50% every day guaranteed.

Obviously, this is a classic tactic of Ponzi schemes: they convince users to give as much money as possible to the cause. Then, they continue paying users a small amount of money to keep them interested before eventually disappearing with everybody’s earnings.

The second way to make money with Control Finance is to recruit other people to the platform. The more money you hold in your Control Finance account, the more money you’ll make by recruiting other people to the platform.

For example, beginner accounts receive 5% commissions on their first and second tiers and 0.5% commissions on their seventh tiers. Advanced accounts receive 15% commissions on their first tier, 5% commissions on their second tier, and 0.5% commissions on their seventh tier.

There are also “Master” tiers and “Master+” tiers, which require you to hold over $4500 or $10,000 in your account, respectively.

Control Finance Features

Control Finance advertises all of the following features:


“Our website resides on a dedicated server with DDoS protection and SSL certificates, so attacks are virtually impossible.” Of course, pretty much every website has these protections. Since Control Finance doesn’t mention any other security features, it’s unclear how seriously they take customer security.


Control Finance doesn’t require you to input any personal information to join the platform. You sign in with a username. If you want to remain anonymous, you can. Control Finance also claims not to share their information with third parties.


Funds are credited instantly, and automatic payments make withdrawals safe and easy.


Access your personal dashboard anytime, anywhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

35% Affiliate Commissions:

Control Finance is vague about this feature, but basically, if you have $10,000 in your account and add up the commissions across all 7 tiers, it totals 35%. You never make 35% commissions from a single affiliate. Most of the affiliate commissions get funneled to the top of the pyramid scheme.

7 Tier Affiliate Structure:

Control Finance has a 7 tier affiliate structure, letting you set up your pyramid and convince others to participate in the scheme.

Who’s Behind Control Finance?

With cryptocurrency pyramid schemes, we usually don’t get any information about who’s running the scheme or where the scheme is based. Control Finance, however, does appear to be a legitimate registered corporation in the UK. The company is registered in the name of Benjamin Reynolds to an address in Manchester, England.

No other names appear on the registration listings. Mr. Reynolds also appears in YouTube videos for Control Finance.

In any case, there’s limited information about the company, its background, or investment activity available online. You can contact the company by phone, however, at +44 1618843043, or by email at [email protected]

There’s limited information about Control Finance available online. Posts on Reddit and Steemit are frequently spammed with affiliate links from members who claim to be making money, which makes it difficult to find unbiased reviews of the company.

Conclusion: Is Control Finance a Scam?

There are lots of blatant cryptocurrency scams available online today. Control Finance, however, isn’t as blatant as other scams. The company is a legitimate registered corporation in the UK with a legitimate address and a publicly-mentioned owner.

However, there’s something shady going on here. The company promises guaranteed returns of 1% to 3% per day (over 30% to 90% per month) even on small deposits. They also have a 7 level membership structure that works like a pyramid scheme – something that’s illegal in many parts of the world.

Control Finance is vague about where its profits come from, and how it can offer such ridiculously high interest rates to clients. Ultimately, based on the information we see online today, Control Finance appears to be some type of multilevel marketing scam, Ponzi scheme, or pyramid scheme that will continue running until it runs out of money – at which point clients will lose all their invested funds.

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