CookUp is a new blockchain company which promises to “introduce the cooking revolution” to the world by using the blockchain. The truth, as it always is, is a little bit less revolutionary, but that does not mean that this company is not a good investment. Read the review to find out more.

What Is CookUp?

CookUp is a platform that was made to connect all the food lovers by having a food ordering service that can connect people who cook with clients who are willing to pay for a good homemade meal. The goal of the company is to provide new career opportunities for cooks and options and opportunities for the people who want to eat good food.

You can use this upcoming app for many different things like enjoying food made at your own home or hire a chef for special occasions. In case you are the chef, you can get some extra gigs, network and even organize dinners at people’s homes for a living if you want to.

How CookUp Blockchain Food Ordering & Cooking Sharing Works

Basically, this company uses the Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contracts to hire the services of the chefs. They will receive CHEF token, the currency of CookUp. These CHEF tokens can later be used within the app traded at cryptocurrency exchanges.

As it uses the blockchain tech, even people without a bank account are able to use this app and all the reviews are written on the blockchain, so the bad reviews will be immutable and thus, the trust on this platform will be increased because of the technology used on the platform.

This platform can be used for professional and even famous chefs or people who are only amateurs wanting to make an extra rent. You can charge how much you want, so there is plenty of space for beginners who want to cook for people for some extra rent or people who really want to get into the cooking freelance business.

Also, you can be a client who is simply too busy to cook or interested in learning how to cook or something who wants a special night or something like that, so there are plenty of interesting options and combinations.

CookUp CHEF Token ICO Details

The CHEF tokens will be ERC20 tokens and they will be used for food ordering, video calls with cook chefs and to pay for ads within the platform. You can buy them with Credit cards, Ethereum or other currencies after the platform is online, but at the moment, you have the chance to buy tokens with a better price on the Initial Coin Offering, which will happen from May 5 to June 30.

You can buy 10,000 CHEF tokens with 1 ETH and will receive a bonus of 5% if you buy until June 1.

  • Soft cap: 7000 ETH
  • Hard cap: 22500 ETH
  • Max Token Supply: 630 million CHEF tokens

Most of the money raised in the ICO will be spent on Marketing and PR (46%) and research and development (29%). Other costs involve exchange listings and running costs (13.5%), legal (2.9%), operations (5.6%) and charity (3%).

CookUp Conclusion

This looks like the type of platform that can get really popular because people not only need, but they love food. By creating a platform to unite cooks and people who want to eat, CookUp might not necessarily be making a revolution, but it will at least make a splash.

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