Cool Cousin CUZ ICO Review

Cool Cousin, found online at, is a mobile app that recently launched an ICO. Find out how it plans to disrupt the travel industry today in our review.

What is Cool Cousin?

Cool Cousin is a travel app currently preparing for an upcoming ICO. The travel app aims to shake up the travel industry by optimizing its services for millennial and Gen Z travelers.

Cool Cousin was launched in 2016. It’s a venture capital-backed company that’s already used by 500,000 travelers worldwide.

Today, you can interact with Cool Cousin through the iOS or web app (no Android version is available). That mobile app lets you find good travel info around the world by interacting with a network of “cousins” – local experts who can answer any questions you might have about a particular destination or area.

The platform has been recognized by the New York Times, Guardian, USA Today, National Geographic, and TechCrunch, among other publications.

How Does Cool Cousin Work?

Cool Cousin is a mobile app available for free. The mobile app, overall, is designed to help you travel more efficiently. You can avoid information overload when searching for travel-related information online.

“Information overload and biased online content in the centralized travel market makes it impossible for travelers to find relevant info,” explains the official website.

“No matter how hard they try to avoid dubious online recommendations, much of their precious vacation time (and dime) is wasted on mediocre places that don’t fit their vibe.”

Cool Cousin aims to solve that problem by providing better experiences, better recommendations, and a more efficient overall travel experience. You can use the Cool Cousin app when traveling to get on-demand city guidance that matches your unique style and needs. Travel information is provided by like-minded locals.

There are multiple ways to use the Cool Cousin app. You might arrive in Los Angeles, for example, then ask a question like:

“I’ve got an 8 hour layover at LAX. Any recommendations on must-see things to do?”

Or, if you’re preparing to travel to a new part of the world, then you might ask a question like, “About to book an AirBnB in Madrid. Which neighborhoods should I look at?”

After you ask a question, you interact with a “cousin”. After you’ve connected with a cousin, you can directly reach out to that person for personalized city guidance. The Cool Cousin app is like having a “cool cousin” anywhere you go.

You can ask your cousin for information on where to stay, must-see events, current events, customized itineraries, sightseeing tours, and more.

Overall, Cool Cousin sees its “cousins” as a refined version of the travel agent, optimized for younger millennials and Gen Z travelers. As “cousins” answer more question and contribute more to the platform, they can expand their services to become “Pro Cousins”. Pro Cousins and other members of the Cool Cousin network can send or receive payments in CUZ tokens.

How Do CUZ Tokens Work?

Why is a blockchain and crypto news website like us talking about a travel app? It’s because Cool Cousin recently announced an upcoming cryptocurrency and token sale. The company is releasing a digital currency called CUZ.

The token will be used to incentivize participation in the platform and the community. Cool Cousin will use smart contracts to separate its own corporate interests from the content on the platform, ensuring that all content on the Cool Cousin app is unbiased. They want content to consist of genuine recommendations from users – not meaningless recommendations based on corporate goals.

Overall, CUZ tokens will be used to monetize interactions on the platform. “Pro Cousins” can charge for their concierge services, for example, accepting payment in the form of CUZ tokens from travelers. Travel agencies can offer services on the Cool Cousin network in exchange for CUZ tokens. Users can book accommodations with CUZ tokens, and travel services can advertise on the platform using CUZ tokens.

CUZ is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Cool Cousin CUZ ICO Token Sale

There will be a total supply of 300 million CUZ tokens. The tokens will go on sale in March 2018.

There’s a hard cap of 17,500 ETH for the token sale. Tokens are sold at a rate of 1 ETH = 3,770 CUZ. You need to purchase a minimum of 0.1 ETH to participate in the token sale. BTC, ETH, and USD are all being accepted for the token sale.

Of the total supply of 300 million CUZ tokens, 33% are being sold through the ICO. The remaining tokens are reserved for the team (10%), advisors, early supporters, and bounties (8%), the community (25%), and future operations (24%).

Who’s Behind Cool Cousin?

Cool Cousin’s team consists of 17 professionals from multiple disciplines. The founding team includes Itay Nagler (CEO), Gil Azrielant (CTO), Nadav Saadia (CMO), Shachar Cotani (CPO), and Itamar Weizman (COO).

Full team information is available online at The company was launched in 2016. They’re headquartered in London, UK.

Cool Cousin CUZ ICO Conclusion

Cool Cousin is an existing iOS and web app that helps travelers – particularly young travelers – connect with “cousins” in cities around the world. You can ask a question using the Cool Cousin app, then receive an answer from a locally-based “cousin” in whatever city or area you’re visiting. After that cousin answers your question, you can continue asking that cousin more locally-oriented questions. It’s like having a “cool cousin” in every city you visit.

Cool Cousin already has 500,000 iOS users through its free app. Now, they’re seeking to expand further by launching a token sale. Cool Cousin tokens, or CUZ, will be used to incentivize community participation, helping Cool Cousin fulfill its goal of becoming the world’s best decentralized travel agency.

To learn more about Cool Cousin and its upcoming March 2018 token sale, visit online today at

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