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An investor has to be well equipped if he wants to be able to use cryptocurrency safely. Unfortunately, there are still many wallets that are not very good for their users. Because of this, if you want to use a good wallet, you need to choose it well.

Our blog’s mission is to help investors find not only the best investments but also the best tools that can help them when they are using cryptocurrency. Today, we are going to review a company called CoolBitX CoolWallet.

What is CoolBitX CoolWallet?

CoolWallet is a Bitcoin wallet that is also literally a wallet. Normally, cryptocurrency wallets only store electronically your coins, but this company wants to do it differently because the company does not believe that it is safe to keep all your cryptocurrency stored online.

Why? Because even the blockchain being decentralized does not completely solves the problem of security. Your account can still be hacked and risk losing your money. To solve this, the company has created Coolwallet, a Bitcoin wallet that stores your cryptocurrency offline in a device that cannot be hacked and thus make it secure for you.

Malware is also another cause that might make people lose their cryptocurrency. More and more of these viruses are appearing online, so you have to be protected from them.

How does Coolwallet work?

Basically, you have to buy the wallet first with the company and then you will be able to transfer the Bitcoin that you buy online for the offline device. This will ensure that your money is really protected. The core of the product has an ARM-based technology to ensure that it is protected from hackers and malware.

This way, your information never really leaves the device, it keeps stored there until the device is using together with a computer.

How to use Coolwallet?

To use Coolwallet, you have to buy the product with the company and then buy and/or transfer your Bitcoin to the new wallet. The wallet works with any device that has bluetooth, so you can use Coolwallet anywhere you want.

Coolwallet combines an app, a credit card with an electronic device that has to be used together with a computer, a smartphone or a tablet to work. The product has a guarantee of 12 months. Using the app you can pay any merchant that deals with Bitcoin anywhere.

If you don’t want to use it anymore, you can delete all of your Bitcoin data from the wallet before selling the product for someone else. To do that you have to use the reset button on the app.

You can save as many Bitcoins as you want in your Coolwallet. Even if you lose the Coolwallet you can still restore your money.

The CoolBitX CoolWallet Verdict

Is this the right product for you? If you are interested in using technology to protect your money, you might be interested in Coolwallet. This product is really secure and it can help you to improve your situation of your money even if you are attacked by hackers.

While maybe this is not the most useful product for people that do not have many Bitcoins or do not use it so much, Coolwallet is a very interesting product for anybody that needs to be protected because it has much money invested in Bitcoins and it will be bad if this money is stolen.

The device seems to work very well and can be a good solution, so feel free to buy Coolwallet if you want to protect your money.

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