Coolomat Market was designed to disrupt the global groceries marketplace as it is. The blockchain technology is genuinely not leaving any stoned unturned in the market. And from this, it is important to note that a token presale will soon be announced, something that you should look out for.

What Is Coolomat Market?

The global grocery market is considered as one of the biggest consumer markets, one that is forecasted to reach about $11 trillion; this is by the year of 2021. The market is actually undergoing some of the most dramatic changes you could think of in history; it is partly due to the internal factors. It is moves like what we see in most consumer behaviors and the new producers that keep entering this ever-growing market.

Also, the external factors play an essential role in this change, external factors like technological changes, which has been able to open the door to more innovative business models getting into the market.

Coolomat Market Goals For Blockchain Food Groceries

Coolomat Market primary goal is to change the online e-commerce grocery sector with a more innovative approach than what we have been accustomed to. It is by connecting the producers and customers, either big or small over the new innovative platform that has been designed in a way to utilize the blockchain technology and also the open source software.

This platform will indeed be a game changer, with the connection to the physical click and also collect pick up point devices. The devices have been able to present the very first and the only worldwide network of this kind. And there is still good news for the end consumers.

The end consumer will enjoy healthier and eco-friendlier food supply that will be pegged at a lower price. But this is not all as the platform will offer better margins for the producer or farmer compared to the cooperation model they have been accustomed to.

The companies target is to provide the various producers with a real and better alternative to the big chains in the market. An alternative that will be able to ensure them with high-quality sales and even decent margins. It is a marketplace that will genuinely change the current grocery ecosystem, one that has been built on the new paradigm of the online grocery sales.

Coolomat Market CMK Token ICO Conclusion

When a company identifies the current problems that exist in a market and establishes a solution that will benefit a big group is one that you should consider to be a part of. The Coolomat Market is set to change the groceries marketplace it is by offering the end users with an eco-friendlier and low priced produce while still providing the producer better margins of profit than they have been exposed to.

The platform will genuinely disrupt the ever-growing online groceries market in the right direction, to reduce the number of monopoly retail chains we see in the market. For this reason, be on alert of the presale for the CMK token that will be announced soon, it is an opportunity you would not like to miss on.


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