Do you know what are the best platforms for investing with cryptocurrency? There are so many ICOs happening all the time that an investor can be easily overwhelmed by a number of options he has. Because of this, any investor has to be well prepared for investing.

Fortunately for you, our blog can help in this task. We review various types of investment here so you can have the best options of the cryptocurrency market laid out for you. Today, we are going to review a new cryptocurrency called CoooCoin.

What is CoooCoin?

CoooCoin is the new altcoin created by Cooonet. The company is based in Asia and has the mission to help the less fortunate in various ways, especially in offering teaching services. Those services can be of different types, like the teaching of foreign languages or skill and techniques.

Online education is growing and Cooonet’s objective is to create a network that will take online education to the poorest part of the population in Asia and later in the whole world.

How Does CoooCoin Work?

CooCoin will be used on the company’s platform as the only type of coin accepted. It will be Ethereum based. It will be used to reward users that provided important services to the community and it will be the basis of the CooCoin’s platform economy.

The technology will use blockchain and smart contracts as ways to ensure that people will, in fact, be paid for their services and that everything is decentralized and transparent in any transactions. Blockchain technology will make it safer to be paid within the system.

How to Invest in CoooCoin?

To invest in this company, you will have to buy their CoooCoin tokens. The pre-sale begins on December 1 and goes until January 31. You can buy this currency with both Bitcoin and Ethereum. The price per 1 CoooCoin Token in the presale is 0.2 ETH or 0.01450 BTC, but if you buy in large amounts, you can receive several bonuses. Check the bonuses:

  • 3 ETH – 50 ETH or 0.22 BTC – 3.65 BTC receives a 5% Bonus;
  • >50 ETH – 150 ETH or >3.65 BTC – 10.95 BTC receives a 15% Bonus;
  • >150 ETH – 300 ETH or >10.95 BTC – 21.90 BTC receives a 25% Bonus;
  • >300 ETH – 3,000 ETH or >21.90 BTC – 219 BTC receives a 35% Bonus;
  • >3,000 ETH – 6,000 ETH or >219 BTC – 438 BTC receives a 40% Bonus;
  • Over 6,000 ETH or 438 BTC receives a 50% Bonus.

In the main sale, to be held in 2018, the prices will be 0.3-0.6 ETH per CoooCoin token.

The Cooonet CoooCoin Verdict

Will CoooCoin be a really good investment for you? Maybe. The company does not show any sign of red flags and that is important, but it is also important to perceive that CoooCoin will be a very philanthropic enterprise.

Because of this, you might think twice before investing in this company, as there’s no way to tell you if this is really going to be a profitable investment of your money.

If you really like the idea of CoooCoin, though, or if you think this might be the right investment for you, don’t be afraid to invest. The company seems serious and have professionals that are skilled and experienced. Because of this, there’s not much chance that you would be investing in a risky investment.

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