CopiCo is a nascent cryptocurrency, described as a “a privacy-centric masternode coin,” that offers big plans and ideas while also being incomprehensible at the same time, most likely due to the language barriers of its creators.

What Is CopiCo?

CopiCo only lists three employees: a CEO named VSK Chaitanya, a CTO referred to only as Avinash, and a blockchain developer known only as Vinodh. This is, of course, hardly enough information to provide any sort of identity; even “VSK Chaitanya” is such a popular name in South and East Asia that it’s impossible to narrow down ownership of the site.

Meanwhile, registration information is likewise unhelpful, as there’s zero information on the site available from standard database lists.

CopiCo Product

CopiCo is billed as a “masternode coin,” a term that comes from the Dash cryptocurrency. However, CopiCo doesn’t seem to be using the term correctly, either because the company misinterprets what a masternode coin is or because of a language barrier.

CopiCo has high-minded plans to use its platform to somehow give failed altcoins a new lease on life by purchasing high volumes of a failed coin – funded by CopiCo ICO purchases – and then somehow “rehabilitate” them to be worthwhile once again. How the company plans to do this is a mystery to us.

Additional uses for CopiCoin tokens include coin services where the company will facilitate and manage appcoin launches in the future, all in exchange for CopiCoin. In other words, buy some during the ICO, sit on it, and then use it to fund new appcoin development. We think. Again, we’re just not sure with this one.

CopiCo Opportunity

We’re not really sure what the opportunity here is when it comes to investing in a CopiCoin ICO. The potential for increased valuation is always there, though we’re not too confident on the future of CopiCoin based on its zany and half-baked plans to resurrect old, useless altcoins.

CopiCo Verdict

CopiCoin is a complete mystery to us. Not only is there any real market demand for rehabilitating failed appcoins, the idea of purchasing appcoin services from a company that only takes payment in the appcoin it in itself issues seems backwards and ridiculous. Additionally, the company is using the concept of “masternode coins” completely incorrectly, has a non-native English speaker’s grasp of the language, has no real information about itself available for perusal, and is just otherwise strange and bizarre.

We really can’t recommend getting involved with CopiCoin at this time. If, perhaps, there was a more clear and comprehensible roadmap, a white paper that wasn’t a PDF version of a poorly-constructed PowerPoint presentations, or simply a product that provided concise opportunities, we might be able to provide a better representation of what the company is doing and plans to do in the future.

For now, CopiCoin is a complete mess, and we can’t abide such unprofessional and obtuse presentation. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on this one, but don’t expect much from CopiCoin in the future.

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