CopPay, found online at, is a multi-cryptocurrency payment platform for businesses and consumers. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is CopPay?

CopPay is a multi-currency payment platform that promises to offer no transaction fees, real-time fiat money exchanges, and no intermediaries between merchants and customers. Overall, the currency aims to be a superior payment gateway for merchants, allowing them to accept multiple cryptocurrencies while converting those currencies to fiat currencies in real-time.

All transactions are completed in a peer-to-peer environment.

The ultimate goal of CopPay is to install millions of CopPay virtual terminals around the world. They want to allow merchants and service providers around the world to become a part of the growing cryptocurrency economy and attract new clients.

How Does CopPay Work?

CopPay’s core technology is a virtual payment gateway built on blockchain technology. That payment gateway aims to complete secure cryptocurrency payments on a P2P basis between merchants and consumers.

At the same time, that payment gateway will allow for the creation of rewards programs and loyalty programs.

Cryptocurrency holders can use COP tokens as a method of payment. Merchants can accept any traded cryptocurrencies with zero transaction fees in exchange for cash, and merchants can minimize the risks of cryptocurrency volatility by exchanging it for fiat money in real time.

There are three core elements of the CopPay system:

  • An interface that receives payments. This part of the terminal is installed on any device. It can be used by a cashier or other personnel.
  • An electronic cold wallet intended for use by a business owner, allowing users to manage received cryptocurrency.
  • CopPay exchange, which is a software that allows for easy communication with merchants and cryptocurrency exchanges in real-time, so merchants can accept cryptocurrency, exchange it, and receive fiat money into their bank accounts.

CopPay Features

CopPay’s virtual terminal is the core of the platform. The main features and benefits of that terminal include:

Easy Installation: The terminal can be installed on any device, like a PC, a tablet, a mobile phone, or an existing PoS terminal. It can also be incorporated into a website with no special knowledge required.

Multiple Cryptocurrencies: CopPay’s virtual terminal allows merchants to accept cryptocurrencies listed on cryptocurrency exchanges as payments for goods and services, then exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat money.

Zero Transaction Fees: Merchants do not pay commissions for any cryptocurrency payments received from the customer.

Decentralized: There’s no central payment processor. Payments are made directly from the client to the merchant, and cryptocurrency is placed into a cold storage CopPay wallet.

Immediate Transfers: Payments are received within minutes, and the transaction takes minutes to appear in the merchant’s electronic wallet.

User-Friendly Interface: Adding an order, billing, and paying can all occur in a few clicks.

Loyalty Program: CopPay will introduce a loyalty program where 0.3% of each exchange transaction is sent as a reward to the merchant in the form of COP tokens. The loyalty program continues until the critical mass of participating merchants is achieved in each region. They’re using it to expand their initial userbase.

Who Can Use CopPay?

CopPay is designed for three main clients:

Retail Businesses: Retail business owners can expand their methods of payment and attract cryptocurrency holders.

eCommerce Stores: eCommerce stores can accept popular cryptocurrencies online through the CopPay virtual payment gateway.

App Developers: Developers can complete in-app payments using CopPay’s technology.

The CopPay (COP) Token Sale

CopPay is issuing a total of 2,325,000,000 COP tokens.

75 million of those are available during the pre-ICO. 1,250,200,000 are available during the general crowdsale. And 999,800,000 are reserved for the core team, advisors, and rewards.

1 ETH = 19,000 COP tokens. The tokens are ERC20-compliant tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain. They’re available during the ICO from October 30 to November 30 (the ICO was initially scheduled from October 16 to November 16 but it’s since been pushed back).

Who’s Behind CopPay?

CopPay is led by Vladimir Serzhanovich (Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors), Ichak Kalderon Adizes (Co-Founder, Member of the Board of Directors), Ina Samovich (Co-Founder, CEO), Timur Kornienko (Co-Founder, CTO), and Pavel Kazachonok (Co-Founder, CMO).

The company is headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania.


CopPay is a multi-currency payment gateway available for merchants and consumers. The payment gateway promises to help merchants “cryptofy” their business by accepting more cryptocurrencies through a zero-transaction fee gateway.

The ICO for CopPay starts on October 30. To learn more about the platform and how it works, visit online today at

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