Copytrack, found online at, is a global copyright register that aims to be the future of decentralized copyright management. Here’s our review.

What is Copytrack?

Copytrack is a blockchain-based copyright management platform. The platform aims to solve problems with today’s digital content management. Copytrack will provide proof of ownership of digital content.

The goal is to solve big problems in the world of digital content management. Today, users often misunderstand the usage of digital content online, including the licensing options available for usage. At the same time, rights holders have few methods to prove ownership of original content and derivative work.

With that in mind, Copytrack aims to create a system that provides a better option for rights holders and users.

The pre-sale for Copytrack tokens is underway until January 10.

Unlike other ICOs, Copytrack already has an existing business. The company claims to have grown to become the leading company in the worldwide market of automated copyright enforcement. They started in Berlin and grew to offer a presence in New York and Tokyo. Now, with blockchain technology, the company aims to take that copyright system to the next level.

How Does Copytrack Work?

Copytrack revolves around the use of Copytrack tokens, or CPY. These tokens are used to interact with the decentralized copyright register for digital content. That register authenticates users and links digital intellectual property. This registry will also generate a unique ecosystem for rights holders, thereby providing new e-client marketplaces.

CPY tokens are used for licensing and payments on the Copytrack blockchain. They’re the native tokens of the blockchain, enabling automated payments to rights holders based on licenses they design themselves. As an intellectual property owner, you can choose how users interact with your property, including the types of rights the license provides.

Right now, Copytrack’s business consists of an automated system that tracks images across the internet. When the platform finds an image for clients, it moves forward with enforcement and licensing. In the future, the company plans to expand to include registering images via the blockchain while providing a new marketplace for artists and buyers.

The end goal is to set a precedent for a global, transparent, and decentralized register for digital content copyrights. Copytrack also plans to create the first use case for their ledger: that use case will be called the Global Copyright Register for Images. This will be followed by a transparent, decentralized Image Marketplace where image owners can share licenses with an open market.

The Copytrack Token Sale

The Copytrack token sale begins with a pre-sale until January 10, 2018.

Of the total supply of 100,000,000 tokens, 40 million (40%) are dedicated to the ICO, with an additional 20% available during three pre-sale phases. The remaining tokens are reserved for advisors and founders (20%) and blockchain development (20%).

Who’s Behind Copytrack?

Copytrack is led by Marcus Schmitt (CEO), a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of management experience. Prior to launching Copytrack, Schmitt scaled the business of “Flightright” as CEO. Today, Flightright leads the market of legal enforcement of claims arising from flight delays and cancelations.

Other key members of the team include Stefan Bar (Chief Technology Officer), who previously founded PIXRAY GmbH in 2009. There’s also Sandro Mader (Head of Operations) and Marie Slowioczek-Mannsfeld (Head of Legal).

The company was founded in 2015. By 2016, they were serving copyright in 140 countries. Development of a blockchain-based copyright system – the Global Copytrack Register – took place throughout 2017. The company is headquartered in Berlin and has a presence in New York and Tokyo.

CopyTrack Conclusion

CopyTrack is one of several companies seeking to bring copyright management to the blockchain. Unlike other companies, however, Copytrack has an existing business in place: the company was founded in 2015 and provides copyright services worldwide. Now, they’re seeking to expand their copyright management system to the blockchain, creating a single platform that manages blockchain worldwide.

To learn more about Copytrack and how it works, visit online today at The ICO for CPY tokens is underway throughout December and January.

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