CorexCoin ICO Review

What is CorexCoin?

The CorexCoin platform is ideal for trading. It uses a new 3-way concept that is ideal for anyone using cryptocurrency or forex. The platform performs some type of arbitrage to bring everything together. Right now, the platform is in Pre-ICO and you’ll get 45% off the price. The token sale officially starts in twenty days. There are also said to be 73 active users on the platform. And you can become a part of the team and start generating profits apparently.

How Does CorexCoin Work?

The company platform is where they bring cryptocurrency and forex together as one. They are basically a team of specialists who are fanatics about trading. They have a goal of creating a massive profit system.

They invest cryptocurrency as well as fiat money. They help all users get setup, so they can start making profit at the rate of a few percent a day. They claim that if you let them guide you, you’ll be ahead of the game in the world of trading.

They have the same three basic methods for profiting that are on every other new ICO right now:


The company will automatically increase the number of tokens you have in accordance to the size of your balance. You can see the growth rates on the company whitepaper. Basically, the more you hold the more money you make. As soon as you keep any of their tokens in your wallet, you’re effectively staking. It often happens in the background of your machine, so you don’t have to continually keep an eye on it.


This means you have to invest your own coins to get a return on a daily basis. It’s a great option for people who are more subtle or passive. You can look at the charts to see the “guaranteed” profits. The maximum is 49% each month. Guaranteeing a profit is a big red-flag by the way.

At any rate, the investment uses the 3-way concept to help you profit. Your currency is stored for an allotted period of time, which helps you achieve a better cash flow. Profits will be handed back at a point between 53 ad 186 days. It all depends on what plan you selected when starting.


You can earn more coins with the affiliate system as well. The program is tiered to provide up to four levels your commissions are based on for getting referrals. The percentages are at below:

  • 7% commission on the investment of Level 1
  • 4% commission on the investment of Level 2
  • 2% commission on the investment of Level 3
  • 1% commission on the investment of Level 4

What is the CorexCoin ICO?

  • Pre-Sale 8% 2 MIO. COREX
  • Sale 56% 14 Mio. COREX
  • Dev. Team & Founders 11% 2.75 Mio. COREX
  • Marketing 11% 2.75 Mio. COREX
  • Affiliate program 10% 2.5 Mio. COREX
  • Reserved coins 4% 1 Mio. COREX

Who’s Behind Corex?

Here’s another red-flag, CorexCoin have no information on the team or the location of the company headquarters. This is generally seen as the worst type of red-flag a company can put up. It indicates they have something to hide which is never a good thing.

CorexCoin ICO Conclusion

Ultimately, they’re just like most of the other new ICOs out there. Maybe not in what they are claiming to offer, but in the fact, we have no idea who they are. And why would anyone ever send money to an anonymous party online with cryptocurrency? It’s a bad idea all the way around until we know more about who is behind Corex.

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  1. This is a BIG SCAM. I have invested $7K and lost all my money. Don’t trust this company. They closed ICO all of sudden and ran with all collected money.


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