Technology is no doubt bringing a lot of changes in the financial industry. From enterprise mobility to cloud computing and now digital currencies. These evolving technical advances are continuously transforming financial services. First launched with the introduction of Bitcoin, blockchain technology is one the technologies that has created a lot of impact in the financial world. It enables peer to peer secure transactions that can be easily be verified. Many companies are now offering investment offers built on blockchain token generation. Corl Technologies is one of the companies capitalizing on these disruptive technologies.

What Is Corl?

Believing that entrepreneurs and investors interests’ alignment propels growth, Corl’s main mission is to solve the challenges of conventional investing by integrating blockchain technology, crowdfunding, and revenue sharing. As such, it aims to empower entrepreneurs and investors by applying technology and advanced funding strategies.

How Does Corl Revenue-Sharing Equity Owner Investing Token Work?

Corl does this by providing royalty investments to companies that are unwarranted by traditional financing systems and also helps investors earn profit through digital tokens distributed on the blockchain. Unlike many token offering platforms, Corl tokens represents equity ownership in the company.

The company also issues revenue streams without issuing debt or equity investments. That said, companies that meet their strict requirements are backed by thorough revenue-sharing policies, where companies obtain upfront funds in exchange for a certain percentage of impending monthly incomes. As such, both Corl and the investor company mutually benefit from each other.

Moreover, tokens generated after investments, provide dividends for all investors on a quarterly and fixed percentage of the company’s profits in addition to equity ownership. Investors around the globe are therefore able to participate in the revenue growth of the company unlike in traditional investment options. Payouts are done monthly and tied between 2 to 10 percent of the initial investment.

For companies, investments mature when a predetermined Cap4 level is reached. If a company revenue growth is much faster than predicted, loans mature quickly. Investors have a right to buy two percent of the company’s equity for up to two years after loan repayment.

To Invest In Corl Or Not?

Corl platform provides both enterprise and individual investment offers which helps increase financial freedom for investors. You can, therefore, invest in Corl if you need investment for boosting your company growth capital, staff hiring, market expansion, product development and more. Businesses can apply for direct funding at Corl. You only need to register at the company website, a process that takes a few minutes.

Additionally, you can invest as an individual investor and Corl will provide information on the value of your ownership, dividends, account analytics, legal information as well as audited financial statements. Corl strictly adheres to state securities laws and regulations and is subject to accounting regulations or international financial reporting standards.

Corl CRL Conclusion

One thing that is so unique with Corl is the fact they do not focus on the static credit history that investors present during application to determine creditworthiness. They rely on real-time and dynamic data sources as well as social profile information for necessary financial information. Such data is analyzed and displayed to determine the value and potential business growth of the companies.

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