Cornell Blockchain Expert Predicts EOS Exchange Hack Wallet Vulnerability Within Year

EOS Vulnerability Surely Leads to Giant Hack Exchange – As predicted by Cornell Blockchain Researcher

The EOS Network has only processed a few of its first blocks, but there is a blockchain researcher who is already making predictions on the so-called vulnerability in the nascent cryptocurrency codebase that is sure to lead to an extremely massive exchange hack in the near future.

When writing on Twitter, Cornell professor Emin Gun Sirer has made predictions and forecasts on his beliefs of the EOS as well. The system was launched last week after a full year of crowdsales that raised an astounding $4billion, that is said to be the root of a significant cryptocurrency exchange hack that will be completed at some point in the next calendar year.

While going through the prediction is not based on any exact level of vulnerability that has been identified or who believes lies hidden inside the EOS source code. He also argued that an exploit of this type is more or less likely an inevitable given way for the developers who need to handle their critical safety bugs.

Emin said in a recent Twitter Tweet;

Another Tweet he made also made said;

As CCN stated in a report, any bug in the EOS network could potentially cause the blockchain to hit a wall, basically a hard-hitting halt for several hours on Saturday as developers rushed in an attempt to get a patch out for use. The code that faulted happened within just 48 hours after the EOS blockchain was activated. The bug was then quickly patched, but as far as Sirer criticized coders for pushing the platform with time to run needed analytics.

Sirer also came to a conclusion that reminded their users not to store any of their tokens on the exchanges, like if his own prediction actually happens it could potentially have serious ramifications for any traders on the exchanges – not only the ones who have the EOS. He also made encouragement users to demand more transparent actions from the coders and developers when they are in the process of releasing post-mortems after patching the bugs.

As for the EOS creator, they didn’t immediately respond to any requests or comments on the matter.

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