There are countless different coins that users can buy into and accumulate, especially in this booming cryptocurrency economy. With so many different coins options available though, it can be difficult to determine what is a good investment and what is not. Fortunately, this review would like to propose a suggestion as to one ICO, which refers to itself as “the most popular ICO” With such terminology, one would think it would be difficult to go wrong. The ICO is called Corruption Coin and here is what users need to know before getting into it.

What Is CorruptionCoin?

Corruption Coin is an initial coin offering by a company that aims to ensure that one’s transactions are rapid, free from high fees, corruption-friendly, and ideal for paying “bitches from every nations.” If anything, it is easy to gather from this currency’s website that it is quite cocky in terms of what it can do and how it can help. Regardless of the big-headed features of the brand’s main page, it does provide the basic disclaimers on its legal page, which actually put things into perspective. That is to say, regardless of the main claims that the ICO makes on its main page, heed shouldn’t be paid to those claims that seem like an over exaggeration.

What Can CorruptionCoin Do?

With a name such as CorruptionCoin, it is normal to question what this ICO can do. After all, with a name like CorruptionCoin, one can’t help but question whether it promotes corruption or helps prevent it. To put things into perspective, it is the latter. Corruption Coin is an ICO that aims to make transactions better, faster, and safer for individuals.

CorruptionCoin Most Popular Cryptocurrency Advantages

Here are the main advantages of choosing CorruptionCoin:

P2P Fast Transactions

First, transactions may be conducted rapidly with this platform. As the brand explains, the blockchain that this system implements is Ethereum and it may enable users to experience the person to person fastidiously they need concerning their transactions.

Lower Transaction Fees

Second, this platform offers lower transactions fees. According to the brand, the transactions fees are “so low that even underpaid cops can trade crypt.” Essentially, this platform makes things much more affordable for users that are tired of high fees.

Corruption Friendly

Third, the platform may be free from corruption as well. As the platform explains, the platform is “sponsored by our dear ex president Richy Nixon.” Users should take note that the platform does not explicitly state “Richard,” therefore, this claim may be dubious.

Ideal For “Paying Bitches”

Finally, the platform exclaims that it is “ideal for paying bitches.” If “bitches” means “people,” then this may be a good feature.

Clearly, there are several stellar features that users can find promising about this ICO.

CorruptionCoin CRTC Token ICO Details

CorruptionCoin is rolling out their ICO in 3 stages. Stage 1 is already live and running through 06/10/18 offering a 27% bonus. On 06/11/18 stage 2 will begin and conclude on 10/31/18 offering a 10% bonus. It will then automatically switch to stage 3 which is the main ICO. The main ICO will end on 12/31/18. The accepted currency to invest in CRTC tokens is Ethereum.

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