CorusBlock CBC ICO Review

What Is CorusBlock?

This is a next generation platform in the cryptocurrency space apparently. They are on a decentralized network apparently; the thing is there is no information really about what they do. It’s a shady looking website that is built poorly and has little to no info backing it’s claim.

How Does CorusBlock Cryptocurrency Lending Scheme Works

They claim, that to realize virtual currency, you need to have a payment processing platform setup. There needs to be accounts with different balances and transaction records. And one of the largest problems they’ve faced is that Corus promises to solve is the problem to prevent one entity from performing the infamous action of double spending. This is oftentimes done by a centralized server that keeps records of the transactions and balances.

CorusBlock runs within a decentralized network, and there is no central server. Each entity within the network has a to do the job of tracking transactions to avoid double spending. And any peer within the network needs to have a list with all of the transactions, to check and make sure whether the future exchanges are valid or not. It’s called a peer to peer based network.

CorusBlock CBC ICO Details

The token is known as CBC ad has a little over 15 days left until it’s end. It originates in Belgium and runs on the Bitcoin platform. There is no whitelist as of now and one CBC is said to equal .72-1.21 USD.

CorusBlock Conclusion

It’s known as a so-called cryptocurrency solution, but it’s a very shady website with nothing there. The cryptocurrency movement in general is amazing, and not understood to most people. But somehow, they are growing at a rapid rate. Banks, institutions and governments are even taking a liking to the different companies. But in reality, only a small amount is actually trustworthy. Corusblock doesn’t seem to be one of them.

In the upcoming years they’re likely to explode even further and governments will start to play a bigger role with them. But until then, you should be careful when investing with certain companies. Corusblock is one such company. They give little to no information on what they’re actually doing and they also disclose no information about the team or the people behind the company.

Be careful when sending money to anonymous companies online, it’s a big rule never to do so. Save yourself some hassle and stay away from this company altogether.

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