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Cosmecoin ICO (COSX Token): Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics?

Cosmecoin is a new token ICO that has married the transactional security of the blockchain with beauty practitioners and clients.

What Is Cosmecoin?

Billed as “The first decentralized ecosystem directly connecting aesthetic practitioners and consumers,” Cosmecoin is a surgical beauty treatment portal, connecting plastic surgeons and consumers.

Benefiting the trade by marketing to and enabling clients, and benefiting clients by vetting listed practitioners, Cosmecoin also offers secure data storage and a library of relevant information.

A cornerstone of the Cosmecoin offering is its upgrading of the practitioners’ registry. As part of the protocols at play, the company will source and vet practitioners, raising the profiles of favored aesthetic surgeons, while also allowing for a forum in which both medical teams and consumers can mutually appraise their dealings.

Their online presentation states that iConsult’s development focus with Cosmecoin is on “converting its existing technology to create and implement the first blockchain-based platform for the cosmetic surgery sector and to provide practitioners with a market-leading patient management system.”

The company’s offer is a mixture of tested old school marketing, CRM and retooled apps from their iOS consulting stable, all presented on chain. Pitched in the lucrative cosmetic surgery industry, the token issue aims at resolving cumbersome user experiences and optimizing doctor-patient liaison.

Cosmecoin ICO Snapshot

  • Token Type: Utility
  • Platform: EOS
  • Symbol: COSX
  • Pre-sale: Preferential prices from $0.0111 – $0.0333 representing
  • Discounted offers for pre-sale
  • Token Sale: June 2018
  • Hard Cap: $6 million
  • Price: 1 COSX = $0.037 post ICO
  • Payments accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC, USD, GBP, EUR

Issues Cosmecoin May Solve

In the cosmetic surgery industry, name and reputation are paramount in optimizing practice. The company acts as a portal to both rank and publicize practitioners, while providing one-stop shopping for consumers seeking reliable services. Security of data as well as dispute resolution are all enabled by the imagined ecosystem. Prospective clients typically face the task of shopping around in a vacuum when searching for reliable practitioners. Payments and post-operative scheduling are also points of contention at times, something Cosmecoin seeks to address wholesale.

The Cosmecoin Solution

Apart from the app development that enables vastly improved data handling and storage, the personal ownership of information is a cornerstone of the offer. Cosmecoin rapidly facilitates doctor-client liaison, tracks feedback from consultations and allows for the building of a self-regulating community.

“Peer feedback and real-time market research” and analysis are all enabled on the platform. With Cosmecoin, a patient will now not only have access to but also controls their own history too, while being able to engage a community of fellow consumers as well as experience an enhanced pre- and post-operative liaison platform.

The Cosmecoin Team

The Cosmecoin CEO and founder is Richard Crawford Small, with Chief Technical Officer Chris Barber. Other members are the Creative Director Russel Turner, Community Manager Lia Burnell, Fullstack Developer Vladimir Chernyshev, blockchain principal Gang Zhu and Australian GM Pat Maugeri.

Team advisers include Rob Westmacott, Lisajane Davies, Dr. Ravi Jain, Julian Macedo, Charles Weatherstone and Sarah Louise Woodman.

The Cosmecoin ICO comes on the back of a going consulting concern, and its emergence is a product of industry experience and facilitation on the back of existing products and services.

Cosmecoin Conclusion

Cosmecoin has core value as a better way of conducting business in the cosmetic surgery industry. It’s fast, communal and reputable, and comes from an established stable with experience in the field. Quite apart from its intrinsic value and growth prospects, it is aimed at a multi billion-dollar industry.

The ICO is conservative and shows the hallmarks of another good earner being added to a portfolio offering that has done the company well to date.

As the sector of aesthetic surgery grows and patients’ technical savvy and UX demands grow alongside, Cosmecoin is perfectly poised to enable a new level of service provision among all parties.



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