COSS, found online at, is designed as a one-stop shop for all your cryptocurrency needs. Find out what that means today in our COSS review.

What Is COSS?

COSS, which stands for Crypto One Stop Solution, is a platform that “aims to encompass all features of a digital economical system based on cryptocurrency”, explains the official website. The beta version of COSS launched on April 1, 2017.

COSS’s first product is a payment gateway/POS for online and offline merchants. It allows stores to accept payments for their services in various cryptocurrencies.

COSS has also launched a fully operational cryptocurrency exchange. Both of these, so far, are the two most important features of COSS (and the only existing COSS products). Over the past few months, the company has continued to integrate many third party providers with the goal of allowing them to offer services through COSS.

In the future, COSS sees itself becoming a complete solution for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The company describes its platform as “a living project with infinite possibilities for extension, aimed to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses.”

Today, COSS’s marketplace consists of 150 merchants and over 1000 users. The platform is managed by an international team based in Singapore (headquarters), New York (branch office), and Bucharest (development office).

COSS Products And Services

COSS offers three core products at the moment, including:

  • Wallet: COSS’s wallet lets you store all your cryptocurrency funds in a single location safely.
  • Exchange: COSS offers fast, secure, simple, and cheap exchanges of multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, including BTC/ETH/VRS and USD/EUR/SGD currencies.
  • Merchant Platform: Manage all your finances from one place. Accepting payments with COSS can increase your business by giving you the ability to accept a diverse range of payments.

About The COSS ICO

The COSS ICO launched on August 8. During the ICO, investors can purchase the COSS token, a revenue-generating cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum public blockchain as an ERC20 token. The token enables its holders to receive revenues in the form of transaction fees charged by the COSS system for cryptocurrency transactions.

The token can be stored and transferred using most ERC20-compatible wallets.

You can also use the COSS token to build your portfolio, just like any cryptocurrency. When you hold the token, you’ll receive COSS revenues on a weekly basis. 50% of transaction fees collected by the platform will be distributed to COSS token holders.

There’s a total supply of 200,000,000 COSS tokens. 130 million tokens are being issued through the ICO, with a further 25 million available during a pre-ICO.

COSS Features

COSS’s platform emphasizes all of the following features:

Instant Transactions:

There’s no need to wait endless hours for deposits, trades, and withdrawals. COSS will display your deposits in real-time and they’ll appear on your balance “instantly once we have received the necessary confirmations”. COSS doesn’t actually list the average transaction time, but claims it’s less than 10 minutes.

Multiple Crypto And Fiat Currency Markets:

Trading and exchange between BTC, VS, ETH, USD, EUR, and SGD are all available.


Confirmations, hot/cold storage, advanced 2FA security, and other options are all available to secure your funds. Users can customize security options in their account settings.


The COSS platform lets you receive support at every step of the way. You can contact the company’s customer service team with any concerns.


All transactions performed over COSS are saved and verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain.

Merchant POS:

Merchants – both online and offline – can accept cryptocurrencies at their store.

Instant Conversions:

Exchange between currencies instantly, choosing to exchange instantly into fiat currencies for added stability, or riding the waves of the cryptocurrency markets.

Integrated Cashflow:

COSS offers seamless transfers of funds from the merchant platform to the wallets and the exchange. It’s all the same back-end, so you can perform all trades in one place.

In the future, COSS plans to integrate features like a COSS token swap, P2P remittance, and AML/KYC screening.

Who’s Behind COSS?

COSS is led by Team Leader and Co-Founder Dan Cearnau, Team Coordinator Ioana Frincu, and Technology Officer Iulian Oprea. They’re backed by a team of blockchain specialists, analysts, and developers.

As mentioned above, COSS has offices in Singapore, New York, and Bucharest.

COSS Conclusion

COSS is designed as a one stop shop for the cryptocurrency community. Today, the platform consists of two core products, including a currency exchange and a payment platform for merchants. It’s still in the early stages of growth, as 150 merchants have signed up and 1000 users are using the platform. The company also offers a unique revenue-generating token where users are paid 50% of the transaction fees gathered by the platform on a weekly basis.

To learn more about COSS, visit the official platform online today at

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  1. I put some fund in wrong wallet. I raised a ticket on Jan 20th, they have not act it on it. They have the worst customer support. My advice to you stay away from COSS exchange.


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