The incoming future promises to be one heck of an exhilarating place to live in. Humans are fast-headed to a place in time where they’ll communicate with each other and with all their smart devices and home appliances in their homes using holograms. A time when all the automobiles plying our busy highways and roads will be completely autonomous and self-driving.

Another exciting revolution that has already begun to make its mark felt is the cryptocurrency payments option. One of the fantastic blockchain payment processing platforms that have emerged in recent times is called Coti.

Here are some reasons why Coti’s gained so much traction over its peers in a relatively brief duration:

Distinctive Features

Coti is a revolutionary next-generation currency. It serves the dual roles of being a payment processing platform and as a currency. According to a former veteran UK investment banker, Steven Heilbron, Coti is poised to rock the conventional financial markets due to its outstanding features namely that it’s simple to use, transparent, trustworthy, scalable and instant.

Coti has no other place to head but up from here on. For starters, it exists in a market that’s estimated to be worth around 29% of all reported banking revenues or 1.4 trillion US dollars annually by 2025, according to a blockchain advisor and investor, Adam Rabie on this Youtube video.

Trust and Speed

The bone of contention with blockchain emanates mostly from the trust factor and from the speed issues. To compete with the existing FIAT currencies, alternative options like Coti have had to constantly innovate and up their ante to avoid becoming obsolete.

Current blockchain payment platforms are not designed to suit the exact needs and want of the everyday consumer. Coti, however, claims to have unearthed the ultimate solution to enable end-users of their technologies to get access to their payments in a quick turnaround time and in a remarkably convenient way, anywhere and anyplace.

COTI ICO (XTC Token) Core Objectives

Coti’s core strategy seeks to make retail payments more accessible to the consumers, and that’s exactly what distinguishes it from other popular blockchain payment innovations. In a bold and calculated move to move in and capitalize on the vast killings that are now rife in the blockchain consumer payments niche, this company has gone to extreme lengths to attract hand-picked tech specialists and other creative minds from the banking and retail spaces to their team.

The head management led by Sean Melnick, a former Chairperson a Pelegrine Group, has a collective experience spanning an impressive 80 plus years in these mentioned fields.

Benefits of Using Coti

Using this blockchain tech is an absolute delight for the consumers. Honest users can seamlessly navigate the labyrinth payment networks shopping their hearts out and not having to worry about paying exorbitant online payment processing fees or even worse, having their personal financial data and info leaking into the wrong hands. Personal data in the wrong hands is often a sure recipe for untold disaster.

Other merits associated with using this innovative Coti technology include:

  • High approval rates in diverse jurisdictions
  • It’s decentralized for added efficiency
  • Supports both digital and Fiat currency transactions

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