A good number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts do the hope of making profitable returns on the markets. However, most of the time it is quite hard to make remarkable gains from investing in the crypto markets. To make it even harder, the task of researching and analyzing does take plenty of the investing time, and with the ever-changing crypto markets, it becomes almost impossible.

Fortunately, this is where CoTrader offers a solution for those seeking to invest in crypto markets. Here's how the trader could help crypto investors automatically trade and manage funds

What Is CoTrader?

CoTrader aims to become the leading crypto assets investing and trading marketplace that will democratize, decentralize and disrupt the investment funds industry. With the growing interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency, in particular, CoTrader seeks to solve the complexity of investing in cryptocurrency, ICOs, and tokenized assets.

Already, the platform boosts of the CoTrader MVP that supports ICO futures and cryptos on the live and on-chain testnet structures. Additionally, CoTrader will seek to promote the trading of non-tokenized assets by making them tradable through tokenizing. These assets include stocks, options, and derivatives.

CoTrader Blockchain Investment Funds Marketplace Features

  • Smart Funds- Fund managers get to prove their ROI and trade for the investor. The Smart funds support ICO-based trades such as group-buy discounts, ICO sales, and global KYC.
  • CoTrader Protocol- to prove the fund manager's ROI, CoTrader implements a privacy-preserving protocol that facilitates zero-knowledge proof and ring signatures.
  • CoTrader DEX- the decentralized exchange allows for the trading of the cryptocurrency assets and also the fiat assets by tokenizing them.

CoTrader Benefits

  • Working concept- CoTrader's MVP platform is already live on the testnet, and this gives it legitimacy even before it’s an official ICO
  • The buyback option would help grow the value of COT tokens. Each trading cycle will have CoTrader burn half the tokens while the remaining goes to the DAO
  • The CoTrader smart fund protocol will interoperate multiple supporting blockchains such as Ethereum, NEO, WanChain among others
  • CoTrader is also looking at creating their own distributed ledger protocol within the trusted setup
  • CoTrader supports mobile devices which will provide convenience for the traders to take part in their investing while on the go.
  • CoTrader users get to invest in crypto-trading while also providing for the usage of tokenized tangible assets

CoTrader COT Token ICO Details

Pre-ICO Sale

  • Starts from 30 May till 29 June 2018

ICO Crowdsale

  • Runs from 30 July 2018 till 28 August 2018


  • Ticker- COT
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Price- 1 COT=0.00071 ETH
  • Crowd sale price- 1 COT= $0.0005
  • Token supply- 100 billion COT
  • Sale supply- 40 billion COT
  • Hard cap- $10M for 28 billion tokens
  • Soft cap- $2,000,000

Distribution Plan

  • TGE- 28%
  • Marketing (vested 4 yrs.)- 20%
  • JV and operations (vested 4 years) – 18%
  • Team, advisors and shareholders (vested 4 years) – 18%
  • Development- 16%

CoTrader Conclusion

CoTrader is offering a gateway for the beginner crypto enthusiast looking to gain a foothold in the market. By allowing the user to participate in multiple virtual and real-world assets trading is unique, and it adds to its legitimacy. Overall, CoTrader has an exciting concept with good competitor analysis. However, there are still areas such as market analysis, development team and business plans need improvement to ensure it lives to its expectation.

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