CoTrader to Launch a Platform That Makes Copy Trading Possible

CoTrader, an investment funds marketplace based on blockchain, is currently in its stages of launching the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of its coin, COT – which is said to take place soon enough.

CoTrader claims to offer liquidity, asset control, and proven ROI, while supporting all sorts of investments including cryptocurrencies, ICOs, stocks, and any other tradable assets. As previously mentioned, it is a blockchain-based project. In particular, CoTrader uses the Super-DEX hybrid exchange, which works with other crypto exchanges like Kyber, 0x and Bancor to name a few.

Another feature that might be attractive to investors, is its ability to promote copy trading, which allows traders to copy trades of others directly into their own platform. This is an interesting way to exchange knowledge with peers that house similar interests. Similarly, beginners can follow up on strategies that might work or fail.

In order to take advantage of the supposed services offered, CoTrader found it necessary to incorporate Smart Funds. Smart Funds allow fund managers to prove their ROI and trade assets on behalf of the investor and making investors the only individuals capable of withdrawing what belongs to them.

According to the CEO and Founder of CoTrader, Gary Bernstein, CoTrader is a platform made for everyone, whether it is someone who is totally new and learning about crypto or one that excels in such matters. The platform itself has been built in a way that eliminates many associated concerns like lack security, privacy, and transparency.

In particular, Bernstein said,

“Our decentralized platform offers total security, user control of assets, and proof of funds’ past performance, even while its custom algorithms hide fund managers’ investment strategies, so these can be monetized.”

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