Cotrugli Blockchain Academy MBA-Certified Developer Program

COTRUGLI Blockchain Academy claims to be the world’s first blockchain MBA program and certified blockchain developer program. Here’s our review.

What is the Cotrugli Blockchain Academy MBA-Certified Developer Program?

COTRUGLI, found online at, offers two online courses for those interested in blockchain technology. The company offers an executed MBA (EMBA) program for managers as well as a course for blockchain developers:

  • Blockchain EMBA Program for Managers
  • Certified Blockchain Developer Program

The website claims that both of these programs are the first of their kind.

In addition to these two courses, COTRUGLI offers 16 videos from top blockchain experts, including Danny Goh, Terence Tse, Ivan Bjelajac, Denis Petrovcic.

COTRUGLI Blockchain Academy is part of COTRUGLI Business School, a Croatia and Serbia-based university. We’ll talk more about them below.


COTRUGLI offers two courses. Here’s a brief overview of each:

Blockchain EMBA Program For Managers

This program is created for managers, entrepreneurs, and others that want to learn about the world-changing power of blockchain technology. The program claims to gather top lecturers from around the world.

More information about the program can be found online at

There’s an MBA program (for junior managers and “high potential individuals”). There’s an Executive MBA (EMBA) program designed for middle and top managers and entrepreneurs. And there’s a Chief Executive MBA (CEMBA) program that offers personalized support for CEOs, board members, and company owners.

Overall, the executive education program promises to unleash hidden talent for your business while building up your company’s leadership capabilities.

Price: 18,000 EUR

Start Date: September 2018

Certified Blockchain Developers Program

The Certified Blockchain Developers Program lets users start learning blockchain development, smart contracts, Solidity, cryptocurrency information, and more.

You’re required to know Java or C++ before entering the program. There will be an entrance test. Aside from this basic information, there’s limited information about the Certified Blockchain Developers Program available online.

Price: 10,000 EUR + VAT


COTRUGLI advertises all of the following benefits for its business school:

  • Top faculty: “Our faculty consists of world renowned experts, excellent professors and experienced global consultants.” You can view a list of faculty here.
  • Networking: “Turn your contacts into contracts” by joining the largest MBA network in southeastern Europe.
  • Practical Knowledge: Apply your learning to real-life business cases and your own professional challenges.
  • Increase Your Value: Boost your career with an internationally accredited MBA program.


We talked about the COTRUGLI Blockchain Academy Courses above. However, the school offers three other courses through its general academy, including all of the following:

International MBA (10,000 EUR)

  • 22 months
  • Weekend and week-long module block
  • Study in various campuses across southeastern Europe
  • Ideal for junior managers and “high potential individuals”
  • Minimum 3 years of work experience, fluency in English, and a university degree required

Executive MBA (18,000 EUR)

  • 22 months
  • Long weekend module blocks
  • Study in Zagreb or Belgrade
  • Ideal for middle and top managers and entrepreneurs
  • 5 years of work experience, fluency in English, and a university degree required

Chief Executive MBA (28,000 EUR)

  • 1 to 3 year program
  • Personally designed curriculum with executive counseling and business advisory services during the program
  • Study in Zagreb or Belgrade
  • Ideal for chief executives and board members

Who’s Behind COTRUGLI Blockchain Academy?

Cotrugli Blockchain Academy MBA-Certified Developer Program was launched by COTRUGLI Business School. That school is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and claims to be one of the leading business schools in southeastern Europe.

COTRUGLI Business School has campuses located in Zagreb, Croatia as well as Belgrade, Serbia. Plus, the school has branch offices in Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Montenegro, and the United Arab Emirates.

Full team information for the business school can be found online here.

The name of the school, by the way, comes from a citizen of the Dubrovnik Republic. The Dubrovnik Republic was the center of commerce in the region from the 13th to 19th centuries. Benedetto Cotrugli was a prominent citizen of the city. He was a merchant, a scientist, and a diplomat. He’s best known for inventing the principles and methods of double entry bookkeeping in his 1458 book “Della Mercatura et del Mercante Perfetto.”

Cotrugli Blockchain Academy MBA-Certified Developer Program Conclusion

Cotrugli Blockchain Academy MBA-Certified Developer Program is a Croatia-based business school that recently launched its own Blockchain Academy. That academy offers two specific courses, including a Blockchain EMBA and a certification program for blockchain developers.

To learn more about COTRUGLI Business School, visit the Blockchain Academy online at Or, visit the school’s official website at

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