CottageCoin CTG ICO Review

CottageCoin enables users to buy rent real estate for cryptocurrency. The project offers the opportunity to BUY and RENT real estate built by SAIS BVBA, including custom-made in the territory of the European Union, for CRYPTOCURRENCY, and at the same time to reduce transaction costs for the implementation of the facilities.

The ICO participants of the project get the opportunity to INVEST in the real estate with digital assets, regardless of the volume of investment and the jurisdiction of the investor himself.

CottageCoin CTG Background

Cottage is an innovative project of the SAIS BVBA construction company, registered in Belgium. The company has been doing business in the European Union for 10 years, organizing the construction of real estate, mainly private houses, as well as providing various construction and repair services. Currently, SAIS BVBA expands its presence in the market. The construction of real estate in Belgium, Spain and the south of France are already in plan.

Going forward, the project seeks to combine the best practices and experience in the construction industry with innovative ideas and trends that have already started to change the real estate market. The Cottage project aims to apply the technology of blockchain and smart contracts in the implementation of construction and development projects.

CottageCoin Eco-houses

Today, the problem of saving energy resources is very acute in the countries of the European Union. In addition, among the priorities of most European countries is the introduction of technologies that will help to abandon traditional energy sources. Eco houses are built with relation to these technologies.

Outwardly, they are not unlike ordinary ones – they are attractive outside and comfortable inside. However, solar energy plays the most important role in the heating of eco-houses.

Utilizing Solar Energy

With solar panels installed on the roofs of buildings for its accumulation, the eco-houses draw enough energy that is sufficient for everyday needs of the residents. In winter, when there is not enough energy of the sun, the inhabitants of eco-houses use autonomous generators that can function on biogas. Eco houses are very popular in central Europe, where their construction is very fast.

The architecture of these houses is directed to the maximum effective retention of the construction heat. In addition, to construct eco-houses only environmental materials are used, that do not harm the nature – wood, soil blocks. Thus, these buildings not only consume energy efficiently, but also do not pollute the environment. The maintenance of such real estate requires lower costs, and hence is commercially profitable.

CottageCoin CTG ICO Token

CottageCoin CTG token is a digital asset issued by the Cottage organization, which is a subsidiary of the SAIS BVBA construction company. The developers believe that the digital token is a manifestation of technological progress, which ensures high liquidity of objects in the material world and lower transaction costs.

However, at a fundamental level, such a token a little differs from existing and well-known mechanisms of rights recording to objects in the material world, which does not require additional costs to explain its nature.

According to their whitepaper, the ICO should start running from February 1, 2018.


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