With the rising popularity of Bitcoin, more protocols continue to emerge, surrounding various aspects of the digital currency. Joining the fray now is the CounterWallet, a free web-wallet for Bitcoin and Counterparty. CounterWallet is the world’s number one protocol for decentralized financial tools.

CounterWallet Key Features


With client-side encryption, CounterWallet offers utmost security to your transactions. As a user, you need not worry about your passphrase because that confidential information will never ever leave your browser. Eventually, it protects the wallet from any brute force attacks. While the passphrase is easy to master, it is highly secure and hard to mistype.


Your passphrase functions as your wallet, so you need no backup. Once you log in, you are able to see your keys and addresses. This means you can access your wallet from any trusted source with a web browser.


With CounterWallet, it is even possible to run a personal server. The open-source policy enables users to maintain confidence that the system works as intended.

CounterWallet: Powered By Counterparty And CoinDaddy

Counterparty extends Bitcoin in fresh, innovative, and powerful ways. It appeals to the public to be part of the team that is set to make this possible.

The Protocol:

The Counterparty platform utilizes the technology that allows Counterparty nodes to communicate with each other through the Bitcoin blockchain.


Users can create their own digital tokens in a matter of seconds. Once created, they can use the tokens to represent anything and can easily be exchanged peer-to-peer.


This is the native currency used on the Counterparty platform. It is used for advanced features and represents a stake in the protocol.

Counterparty More Key Features

Counterparty Wallets:

These secure, fast, user-friendly web, browser, and mobile wallets provide all the power of Counterparty.


Counterparty smart contracts are Bitcoin-aware and can interact directly with other Counterparty tokens.

Lightning Network:

This feature is currently under construction, but this payment channels support will lead to a rapid exchange of assets and endure that they are compatible with the Lightning Network.

Asset Creation:

Custom-named assets can be created. Users will just pay a small anti-spam fee, but numerical assets are free to create.

Decentralized Exchange:

Users can exchange assets effortlessly using Counterparty’s secure and decentralized exchange.

Secure And Open-Source:

All Counterparty software is open-source. Besides, it has attracted formal reviewers from well-known Bitcoin security experts since its release in January 2014.

CounterWallet Getting Started

To get started with Counterparty, you simply need to create a wallet. Then, you need to get the Bitcoin and XCP you need to fuel your projects. Once done, you can proceed to issue your tokens. For more information about this, you can check on the FAQs page of Counterparty.

Just like Bitcoin, Counterparty is an open-source platform with no profit model. The extensive documentation shows users how to write smart contracts and build services on Counterparty’s APIs. The CounterWallet can work on either Counterparty or on CoinDaddy server. If you have issues with one, just feel free to use another because your wallet can function on either.

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