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Cryptocurrency and trading is difficult for many investors to begin, since there are many factors that contribute to the right platform. Some people need simpler programs that are less lucrative to get involved, but the easiest way to balance all of the changes can be to find a platform that includes everything at once. That is what CoVEX is for.

What Is CoVEX Labs?

CoVEX claims to be the one-stop shop for whatever investors need with crypto-trading. The company plans to integrate everything into social media, prepaid cards, margin trading and lending, and other places. The smart contracts with CoVEX include a next-generation ERC223 and will be available on the Ethereum blockchain. Investors will continue to earn rewards and there will even be bonuses in the form of transaction fees.

The CoVEX project is working to create a stable platform that will let traders both invest and offer their own ideas to improve it. Unfortunately, too many companies lack the technological maturity to survive and thrive in the industry in a way that benefits users. This exchange will create a bridge between common issues that investors face with other new programs, addressing:

  • Transaction fees across other platforms, though CoVEX plans to eliminate them
  • The social media platforms, helping traders to create a widespread portfolio
  • The need to seamlessly transition between cryptos and fiat currency
  • Underwriting services, which are customized for beginners
  • Security, though CoVEX uses bank-level security efforts to protect investors

The platform is available for any new or seasoned investor and is created in a way that will help a variety of startups, traders, and other projects. Read on below to learn more information about the CoVEX tokens and what sales to expect.

CoVEX Labs Token & ICO Details

The CoVEX token’s worth is based on the sales, though the exchange rate is related to the Ethereum platform. There are three sales.

The first will be the Pre-ICO sale, which runs from May 12, 2018 to June 8, 2018. There will be 30,000,000 tokens available, and it takes 3000 CoVEX tokens to equal 1 ETH. Participants must purchase a minimum of .1 ETH (300 CoVEX), though they are restricted to no more than 100 ETH (300,000). There will be bonuses for each of the four weeks of the sale, though the best deal will be the 30% bonus during the first week.

The next sale is the first ICO, which will be from July 7, 2018 to August 3, 2018. There will be 81,250,000 tokens available, but only 2000 CoVEX tokens will equal 1 ETH. Participants have the same minimum and maximum restrictions. There will be bonuses for the first three weeks of the sale, with the best bonus being 20% during the first week.

The third sale is a second ICO, which takes place from September 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018. This sale involves the same number of tokens as the first ICO, but the transfer rate will be 1000 CoVEX tokens for every 1 ETH. The minimum and maximum limits remain the same, but there are no bonuses offered during this sale.

The website shows nothing about a public sale at this time.

CoVEX Labs Digital Crypto Trading Exchange Blockchain Roadmap

The Roadmap for CoVEX describes all of the upcoming changes that consumers can expect, giving them more confidence in their decision. So far, they have already reached the goals they had in 2017 and for the first quarter of 2018, like registering the domain and creating teams for both marketing and legal concerns.

Now, investors can look forward to the following changes as well:

  • 2018, Q2: Alpha version will be published, while both the ICO and whitepaper are released
  • 2018, Q3: Both first and second ICOs are opened, with a demonstration for each.
  • 2018, Q4: CoVEX exchange is live.
  • 2019, Q1: Both incubation and underwriting services are established
  • 2019, Q2: Investors will be able to access the P2P Loan Service platform and the Margin Trading & Lending platform
  • 2019, Q3: The payment gateway will be accessible
  • 2019, Q4: Prepaid card services are established

Contacting The Creators Of CoVEX Labs

Even with the whitepaper, consumers can still have questions that they want to address before, during, and after their investment. There is an electronic form on the website, but they can also be reached through one of their many social media profiles.

CoVEX Labs Conclusion

CoVEX offers an inclusive program that helps consumers to get more from the exchange as needed. The multiple sales gives investors plenty of chances to get a lucrative deal, which is important for any investment.

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