Right now, a few major players such as and Expedia dominate the online booking market. These companies control more than 80% of the market. Due to this dominance, they have gotten away with quite a lot. They have been accused of marking up hotel room prices by 20% or more. Besides that, they charge 15-20 percent in commissions.

Hotel owners have little say on this matter. The agencies retain all the advertising rights for listing rooms. They also have a right to say whatever price they like, which is often higher than what customers would pay if they contacted hotels directly.

The Coze Book Hotels & Earn Crypto Rewards Solution

Coze is a new project that you should keep a keen eye on. It wants to put the power back into the hands of hotel owners. With the use of the blockchain, Coze will get rid of the middleman and connect holidaymakers and hotels directly. With this model, Coze can operate on a zero commission basis and lower prices for hotel rooms by 20% or more.

To make its model work, Coze has come up with the Coze Coin, which will be the utility token for the platform. Users will be able to book hotel rooms using fiat or crypto. The cash or coins will be converted to Coze. Thus, customers with little or no knowledge of how the blockchain works will still be able to utilize Coze. Besides that, users of Coze will get rewards when they use it. They will also have the chance to trade Coze for cash or redeem the coins for rewards.

COZE Coins ICO Details

The Coze project is encouraging people to sign up for the whitelist since they will only accept 500 people for the pre-sale. At the pre-sale, there will be some major coin bonuses. The reason they need this funding is that taking on the leaders of this industry will require money. This ICO is definitely worth keeping out an eye for.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Coin Name: Coze Coin
  • Ticker: COZE
  • Total Supply: 250,000,000 COZE
  • Tokens for ICO: 125,000,000 COZE
  • Private Funding: Complete
  • Public Pre-Sale: Upcoming
  • ICO Crowdsale: Upcoming
  • Pre-Sale Hard Cap: $3 million USD
  • ICO Crowdsale Hard Cap: $11 million USD
  • Pre-Sale Minimum Contribution: 1 ETH
  • ICO Crowdsale Minimum Contribution: 0.01 ETH
  • Max pre-sale Contribution: 50 ETH
  • Max ICO Crowdsale Contribution: Determined by number of registered participants

Coze Conclusion

According to Jay Jenkins, the founder of Coze, they have other projects where they tried to offer their customers low price deals. However, he said that this did not deal with the issues of inflated prices by major players effectively.

The goal of Coze is to take on the big players and fight them on the customer experience and price. This project has a real chance of success. For one, the team is quite experienced; they were running a company in the travel industry before work on this project began. Besides that, they already have one million USD in seed funding. In fact, they plan to use the seed funding for an alpha release before launching the ICO.

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