CPM Coin Pool Mining Review

Coin Pool Mining is a mining company that offers investment plans. Most of the plans are either based on mining contracts or the trading programs called the S.M.A.R.T. programs.

If you have your doubts whether CPM Coin Pool Mining can be a good choice for investment, you have come to the right place, as our blog has the answer for you in the review.

How Does CPM Coin Pool Mining Work?

Basically, the company mines and trades Biitcoin2Generation (B2G) tokens to achieve profit. If you invest B2G in the company, you will be able to allegedly receive a return on investment after some time.

The company also has an affiliate program that you can use to invite other people to also invest and you will receive a percentage.

Some of the features that CPM Coin Pool Mining offers to its clients are quick withdrawals, free newsletter updates, exclusive promotions, a stable hash rate and insurance along with their “award-winning software” that can be used for trading and mining.

CPM Coin Pool Mining Investment Plans

  • The main program of the company is the S.M.A.R.T. program.
  • SPEED Program: $500-9,999 USD: 3 trades, 25 to 35% profit per month;
  • MAXIMIZE Program: $10,000-24,999 USD: 6 trades, 30 to 45% profit per month;
  • ACCELERATE Program: $25,000-49,999 USD: 9 trades, 30 to 45% profit per month;
  • REV Program: $50,000-99,999 USD: 12 trades, 45 to 55% profit per month;
  • THE WINNER’S Program: $100,000 UD: 15 trades, 59 to 65% profit per month.

The mining programs have three different types. You can use the “full mining” program that has a fixed profit of 30% and has the duration of 90 days, a 70% mining and 30% trading program whose profit can range from 25 to 75% during 60 to 90 days and finally there is the option to design your own plan.

In this plan, you can set up the percentage of mining and trading that you want and your profit will vary. The minimum time that you can use is 60 days for this program.

Is CPM Coin Pool Mining Smart Trading Program A Scam?

Yes. Bitcoiin2Generation, the B2G tokens, are a scam currency that is being used by many sites that are trying to take money from their clients lately. As the cheaper plan of this company costs more than $500 USD, it is definitely a bad idea to invest in this company because you will definitely lose a lot of money if you do it.

Also, perceive that the site does not give you a lot of information, which is a typical mark for scam. It only tells you about some “software” but it really explains anything.

CPM Coin Pool Mining Verdict

Ignore this company and invest elsewhere. Your results will be considerably better if you just ignore any company that asks you to buy B2G, which is a scam coin that is trying to get legitimacy recently in the crypto market.

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