Crafty CFTY ICO Review

Everyone that wants to be involved in cryptocurrency has some reason for their motivation. Business owners and corporations stand to make a lot back on their investment, but there are freelancers and independent contractors that want to get in on these types of investments as well. That is what Crafty was created for, and why they are in the middle of their Pre-Sale ICO.

What is Crafty CFTY?

Crafty is a platform that gives a more affordable and user-friendly atmosphere for consumers that offer “autonomous workers” the chance to get behind cryptocurrency. There are no fees charged to the consumer, which makes it easy to enjoy more financial freedom. The main place that this company thrives is in Brazil, where over 20 million workers that are not getting the financial support that would help.

Read on below to see how to make a change with Crafty and their CFTY tokens.

About the ICO Sale and CFTY Token

All the transactions are performed with the CFTY token, but consumers need to buy those tokens to be able to participate. The pre-sale is currently going on from January 22, 2018 to February 5, 2018. Consumers will be able to exchange 1 ETH (about $1,163.97) will be equivalent to 147,142 CFTY.

The pre-sale ICO comes with plenty of bonuses, which includes up to a 20% bonus on the tokens deposited, based on the amount purchased, following these amounts:

  • 5%: 6.797 ETH to 8.156 ETH
  • 5.5%: 8.156 ETH to 9.515 ETH
  • 6.5%: 9.515 ETH to 10.874 ETH
  • 8%: 10.874 ETH to 12.234 ETH
  • 10%: 12.234 ETH to 13.593 ETH
  • 13%: 13.593 ETH to 27.185 ETH
  • 20%: 27.185 ETH and up

Even if consumers cannot get in on the pre-sale, they will have a second opportunity to make a purchase without the bonuses. The token sale will go from February 12, 2018 to March 13, 2018. However, participants in this sale will need to make a purchase of at least 0.02 ETH to qualify.

How to Get Involved With Crafty

The first step of getting involved with Crafty is to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum tokens, which can be purchased through companies like Poloniex, Bittrex, and Bitfinex.

Next, with tokens available, the user will need to register and sign in to the Crafty website. With the portal, the user will determine the amount of their tokens that they want to purchase. The Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens can be transferred directly into the account.

When the ICO ends, the full balance will be available through the Crafty wallet, which can be accessed online or through a smartphone.

Earning Profit With Crafty

The goal of the Crafty platform is to help bring out the network into public view and help improve the value while encouraging participation.

First, the participant will need to find the service providers in every database. Essentially, the system shows the professional these details, giving them the flexibility to negotiate their trading.

When the scheduled date comes up, the service occurs, and the professional receives payment with no other fees assessed. The service provider can even pay with credit card, if necessary. As the service is over, the contractor and the professional evaluate the interaction that they had with each other, and they both get tokens.

With the accumulated tokens, the participants can exchange, invest, and spend the tokens.

Crafty’s Roadmap

Every quarter of the years have different goals that the founders of Crafty are trying to make happen. From the beginning until the first quarter in 2018, the company made it their goal to surpass 60,000 downloads, 24,000 users, and over 160 cities impacted.

Once the second quarter of 2018, there are plenty of changes to come. Those changes include:

  • Q2 of 2018: Establish Crafty as an operational MVP
  • Q3 of 2018: Registration of Crafty inside the platform
  • Q4 of 2018: Bring services to “bancarized” people
  • Q1 of 2019: Offer consumers recommendations via AI
  • Q2 of 2019: Add in a personal assistant through Crafty
  • Q3 of 2019 through Q1 2020: Offer recommendations that are based on the spatial information of each investor

Plans are not available after the first quarter of 2020, but the company may have these updates on their social media accounts after the token sales include.

Contacting the Customer Service Team for Crafty

With the current sale and other details available, consumers may not have much left that they want to learn about Crafty. However, if there are any lingering questions, consumers can submit them on the website’s online form.

Crafty CFTY ICO Summary

Crafty is available for anyone that wants to make an investment in this limited time. There is nothing to indicate how consumers can purchase tokens after the sale is over, or if the tokens are finite. However, that lack of information is probably meant to create a sense of urgency for potential investors.

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