The public Bitcoin BCH Mining pool SVPool has seen a good amount of growth recently. Coin Dance revealed data indicating that that SVPool has 10.42 percent of Bitcoin BCH hash power on a global scale. Following closely are ViaBTC, OkMiner,,, Antpool, Waterhole, P2Pool, and GMO IG, Huobi and Northern Bitcoin, and BMG Pool. Over the course of seven days, the pool is 8 percent of BCH hash power.

The pool was developed by Dr. Craig Wright of nChain. There are no fees, the platform is coming out with an initial pay-per-last-n-shares, and it is also considering to add several other features and a pay-per-shares plus plan. Customer hash is around 30,000 miners at this point. CoinGeek Mining manages the pool and the Bitcoin SV full node implementation.

One supporter of the full node implementation is Jack C. Liu, a advisor to the Bitcoin Cash Association. To him, the move will fulfill Satoshi’s vision for bitcoin. Another individual who announced his support for bitcoin SV is Cobra Bitcoin, who manages the website. On November 2, he tweeted that he “will be running and supporting Bitcoin SV” and “we need to stop adding too many features all at once, and the protocol as implemented by Bitcoin SV makes the least changes.” Cobra’s position has clearly changed from what it was a few months ago. Earlier, he ad stated that he is displeased with Bitmain’s attempt “to become a more powerful version of Blockstream” and pushing “changes through without consensus.”

Dissimilar from various BCH implementations that aim to experiment using unnecessary technical changes to bitmain’s protocol, Bitcoin SV aims to restore Satoshi’s original protocol and to maintain stability, professionalize bitcoin, and to massive scale BCH networks. The implementation will also enable global enterprises to operate and develop protocols on a stable and scalable BCH protocol.

CoinGeek and its founder Calvin Ayre are currently working to protect the vision. They’ve invested in seeral projects such as Terab and Cash Shuffle. Further, the platform also awarded 5 million pounds to Tokenized, a token system developed just for the BCH network. The platform also has a content in which 1 million pounds are available.

Those who are interested in learning more about Satoshi’s Vision, SVPool, and Bitcoin SV can do so at a Miners Day gathering that is taking place at the CoinGeek Week Conference on November 27-30. The event will be held in London and will feature members of the BCH community to discuss the future of the industry and so much more.

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EOS $6.37B $6.9250 0.60% $967.29M
BNB $4.56B $32.3007 -1.95% $216.79M
BSV $3.75B $210.4651 -0.14% $126.86M
USDT $3.47B $1.0004 -0.37% $7.09B
XLM $2.5B $0.1287 1.74% $94.62M

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